HTC to launch three Windows Phone 8 devices next week?


  • Kevin

    Win8 might be the only place left for HTC to make an impact on the mobile market if they do it right…in other words marketing.

    Still though…I’m still dreaming of another HTC Nexus.

    • Darth Paton

      Mobilesyrup: Think you got yourselves mixed up here. The accord (as pictured) is the “8S” not the “8X”. The 8X is codenamed the Zenith, and the “8V” is codenamed Rio. Just trying to help 🙂

  • Uncle Miltie

    Aren’t all the new Windows Phones coming out going to have similar hw specs to iPhone and Android devices?
    What’s going to affect sales is how well the Window Phone OS and the new ecosystem go over.
    I’m due for an upgrade on my Blackberry and am definitely interested. Curious on how SkyDrive /MS Office apps are going to work.

    • htc titan user

      skydride and microsoft office is AWESOMe. Windows phones will rule pretty soon. I tried android and apple, and I just like windows phones way better.

  • John Marshall

    What about the Zenith? Wasn’t that rumoured to be HTC’s Windows Phone 8 flagship? Or did that just turn out to be the Accord, and an as-yet unrumoured phone is meant to slot in under the Rio? Either way, things are hotting up for Windows Phone 8, now that its big hardware partners are showing their hands. Can’t wait!

  • gwydionjhr

    What? Wait! HTC One S with a 1280×720 screen? Now THAT might be my next!

  • Sam

    HTC being HTC, releasing too many device. if any htc worker is reading this please advice your company to make one device, such as ONE X! it was awesome!

  • zzZZzz

    @Sam, not everyone wants a 4.7″ phone. I know my gf doesn’t and I’m willing to go up to 4.5″ for my phone. For that reason, the One S is great, though I’m missing the microSD slot.

    To rephrase your statement Sam: HTC please stop releasing identical specs phones: that confuses your market.

  • EvanKr

    Here’s hoping that they’re all AWS compatible, and not just the lower end models.

  • Chew

    I’m guessing that by ‘launch’, they mean show to media, not comercially release to consumers. I was briefly excited to see a WP8 phone arrive so soon, then I realized I may have a different definiton of launch…

  • Keith

    HTC said they are now going to “go big with Windows Phone” but they should have done that from the start and estblished themselves as the premiere WP vendor. Instead they put out underwhelming, boring phones and let late-arriving Nokia clean up. Now HTC doesn’t stand much of a chance against Nokia.

  • Hooligan

    sweet looking phones

  • tomatoes


    Never go by the screen size. Go by the actual dimensions. L x W x H. The lumia 920 is 4.5 inches but its bigger than any 4.7 phone ever made.