HP rebrands Palm as Gram, “Potent, Light and Nimble,” though we’re not sure yet what it does

Palm is now Gram. Actually, Palm is now ‘GRAM’ but let’s go with the less obnoxious version.

Relaunching the company with the tagline “Potent. Light. Nimble. At the core of all things big and small.” Unfortunately, we’re not sure exactly what Gram will accomplish as a semi-independent company from HP, which is launching Open webOS later this year. The company will undoubtedly be software-only, focusing on building mobile applications and frameworks with cloud-based focus. Considering it wants to “unleash freedom on the web,” we’re thinking it will exercise caution in abiding by open standards such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Whatever does come of the remaining Palm employees at HP, we’re sure Gram will be less consumer-focused than its predecessor brand. As much as we hope Open webOS will be a success, it’s hard to imagine manufacturers picking up the platform for release on any flagship devices. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Source: webOS Nation