MintChip, the evolution of currency, announces public voting in Developer Challenge (Video)

We previously talked about MintChip all the way back in April, and after four months the public is able to vote on its Popular Choice Award in the MintChip Developer Challenge.

A little background on MintChip: it’s a form of virtual currency that can be appended to any number of different digital mediums, including smartphones, USB devices, microSD cards or in the cloud. The idea is to allow users to pay for things using “microtransactions” by loading up a particular item with a pre-set amount of value using a secure, unhackable chip that can talk to other MintChips.

The Developer Challenge asked a group of 500 devs to come up with ideas for apps using MintChip. Public voting for the Popular Choice competition runs from today until September 12th. The winner of that particular category (the only publicly selected choice) will get $5,100, or three ounces of gold.

Below are a number of videos that developers have submitted, but if you’re interested in voting, or learning more about MintChip, head on over to the Voting Page.