Bell Q2 2012 results: Subscriber base increases to 7,453,363, boasts about having the largest LTE network in Canada


  • bigshadyray

    I hope Bell goes Bankrupt!

    • nik

      you have no idea what kinda of impact that will have on the economy…think before you talk…not only does bell employ thousands of ppl but external partners have jobs cuz of bell.

    • Shey

      time to cancel my bell services

  • Cody

    Telus isn’t too far from passing Bell now!

  • Proclaimer

    Rogers network is better than bell. Lesser of 2 evils.

    • Porilaisten

      Apparently you haven’t tried using Robbers in Saskatchewan.

    • bob

      Not only in Saskatchewan. Rogers’ network is smaller, period.

  • astudent

    Big 3 Canadian Telecoms = Kleptocracy

  • Shaggyskunk

    Er, rogers can’t say 1st this time? I’m more interested in the Best LTE network in Canada, with European prices!

  • bob

    Bell LTE has expended a lot. 49% of the population is a good start.

  • sickpuppy

    So Bell is the #1 crook in canada .Way to go Bell !

  • Chris

    Didnt Bell and Telus partner on the LTE network? So they would both have access to the biggest LTE network in the country

  • 2dfx

    I always laugh at Robbers subscribers. How do you people WILLINGLY pay extra for LTE use? Telus and Bell both have larger, faster LTE networks and don’t charge a premium for it.

    How do you people WILLINGLY pad Robbers’ bottom line through a “GRRF”? I understand they’re slowly phasing it out and charging you more per month just to claim it’s gone, but you are Robbers clients I don’t exactly expect you to have brains.

    Your contract is renewed if you even remotely change anything about your service…paying more for no benefit. No other carrier I know routinely rapes their clients like Robbers does.

    It’s like they came up to you and said “hey, we’ve got a great deal for you – we have a smaller, slower cellular network for you…but it’s more expensive and you have to use non-international versions of phones” and you said “GREAT, WHERE DO I SIGN!!!?”

  • Comrade Yeti

    @Chris, the towers are shared but the back haul is individual to each carrier.

  • ron

    >>>increased their subscriber base by 2.3% over last year<<<

    pretty small increase…

    maybe next year they will be -2.3%

  • liQuid

    Rogers does not charge additional for LTE use… Where are you getting this misinformation from?

    • Porilaisten

      No, but they are the only ones with separate plans, which is a billing and provisioning nightmare.

  • Fromandah Bolz

    When will Wind have LTE?

  • Al

    To be fair to Bell…the coverage is pretty nice in my area.

    N1H 6J2 in google maps to see that near blanket LTE coverage in my area is actually quite nice.