Samsung Galaxy Note II rumoured to have flexible AMOLED display


  • superfly

    It’s mine. All mine. Hands off.

    • Shey

      more samsung junk

    • 1234APPLE

      if you stay with apple you will be able to see the flexible screen in 2018 in the iphone and it will be a revolutionary!!

      Thank you Samsung

  • craz

    I think Samsung stole this from the iphone 8…

    • Jim Shorts

      Anyone notice what was posted by “Samsung Pakistan”? Doesn’t make sense.

      MobileSyrup, what’s the dealio?

  • Wilbour

    Flexible display? Guess this would be less likely to crack or shatter when sat on but if the whole case is not flexible then it is still limited as to how far it will bend.

    • Cody

      The flexible display will enable Samsung to make the phone thinner as the screen technology is much thinner.

    • jessica

      Flexible screen is less likely to crack, thinner, more responsive, and less battery drain. =)

  • bubblegoat chicken

    I will get this. Yes. It shall be gotten. And people will dance around me and rejoice at my awesomeness. And there will be cake…and the cake…will NOT be a lie.

    • Mark

      Apple will get this, yes it will be gotten, and they will dance around in homage to “the one that shall be not named” and light candles of remembrance and then serve bubblegoat chicken to the masses. They will not steal!! 🙂

  • tweak

    I think that may be the point Wilbour, save it from shattering easily? Also if that pic is the final gusta.

  • G

    People is going to look funny using it as a phone.

    • anona

      You mean more funny then your poor English? Doubtful.

    • Satroyd

      Than* 😉

  • tony

    If that image is the form factor, I want. No need for a 7″ tablet any more.


    Im 6’7″ 300lbs with some big hands & the original Galaxy Note doesnt look funny at all when I use it as a phone. It depends if your man sized or boy or woman sized then it might look a little weird. The Galaxy Note series is made for real men, if your a wimpy little girly man you might be better with a different device 😉

    • Wilbour

      May I suggest the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X? Just don’t put it in your pocket, or the guy next to you will think you are happy to see him.

    • Dewey

      I’m short and the GNote is still the best phone out there. Can’t wait for the GNote 2.

  • superfly

    The display well be flexible so that they can make the Bezel on the phone thinner and the screen closer to the edge. It will allow it to not crack.

  • mike

    another amazing phone from Samsung!!
    They can build numerous handsets with totally different specs while it takes apple to build one in a year… apple ftl

  • EddieWinslow

    I am really curious to see what comes out of this release. I really like the current note, but my galaxy 3 is just hard to give up, this phone might make me make the swap.

  • phucmeister

    as an impartial person, I just want to say that between a flexible screen and having an extra row of icons, i’m more excited by the first rumor 🙂
    even if both end up being only a rumor..!!
    the turtle caught up to the little bunny running after an Ap**e hehe

  • kris

    The render is not a new note it’s the same place holder pic used before gs3 was announced. There will be no flexible screen but a good possibility it will be 5.5inch super amoled PLUS

  • Julian Mroue

    I’m happy about the leak, but it angers me that mistakes like this are made. They are obviously made by those who are not nearly as passionate about phones/tech as any # of us on MobileSyrup. How can you confuse your flagship phone with an unreleased phone??? C’mon, put some heart into it!

  • bubblegoat chicken

    I believe that kids who show up late to special-ed class should not be called…tardy.

  • Nura Mukhtar

    Hi all

    I use samsung gaxy note dream to buy note 2.
    The new tech is now 5.5-inch and unfoldable what is new then when the existing super amoled tech is perfect.
    Portability facility is what needs to be improved upon on NOTE for now before any other thing in the future.

    Thank you