Rogers Q2 2012: Wireless subscriber base reaches 9.351 million, revenue increases 1%


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    If you dislike Rogers give a thmbs up!

    • Robbers123

      i dislike rogers but since you asked for a thumbs up that makes you an attention ***** , like robberz

    • Reginald

      glad i contributed to the demise of Robbers by cancelling all of my services with them!

  • Informer

    Glad to see ARPU is dropping. That is the best indicator that competition works.

    • Jon

      They still have one of the highest ARPU in the world. It means they can still lower their prices.

    • LOL

      How is the ARPU dropping??

      It’s pretty clear that all the “new” plans are $60 plus extras from the big 3. Last yr the ARPU was in the low $50s, when you could get the same $60 plans for $50.

      How about just releasing the $35 for 6GB and we all use Dell Voice, Whatsapp, for voice, SMS, CID, VM etc.
      In July 2012 why do you still have to pay $8 for CID and evenings and weekends etc??
      If you use Skype, you can actually make Video Calls, instead of a “plain phone Call”

      ..As usual the Wireless divisions of the big 3 are the ONLY ones that make $ and take Cable, Phone, and internet out fo the hole!

  • God

    Still owning every carrier (in term of clients) 😀

    • salem

      cool story bro

    • Bobblehead

      baha. Only if market share was the only thing that mattered – Rogers has been losing on every other indicator possible for 4 quarters straight now. I think people are finally fed up with their terrible customer service and their attempt to control and put their name on every service Canadians use.

  • G203

    Rogers is a broken brand. Terrible customer service, hidden fees, sneaky sales practice, expensive plans, locking you into long term contracts and lots of billing errors.

    I am glad that since 2009, I had nothing to do with this horrible company.

  • Atar77

    I have been with wind for 2 years, and every time I pay my bill, I smile a little, not just because I am paying (what I think is) a fair price, but because I am supporting competition, and not giving robbers any of my money anymore.

    I like this feeling. I really do.

  • Mike

    I feel sorry for those dumb asses that are still willing to give robbers their money.

  • ravi

    nadir mohamed eka kamabakhta dika sira jo apane karmacariyom ke bare mem eka bakavasa dena nahim hai.

  • Kanyes shoes

    You guys run a billion dollar company with shareholders and see if you’re gonna worry about all the same complaints u have now. If u don’t like Rogers, don’t be with them, but the whining is ridiculous lol

  • Informer

    English only on this site.

  • 5Gs

    Time to lay off some more employees!

  • Mark

    Rogers Postpaid numbers are slightly skewed because they report a DATA activation as a new postpaid.

    For example, you buy a new Blackberry on a 3 year contract with a $25 Blackberry Data plan that equals TWO postpaid activations for Rogers.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    It’s unfortunate to see what Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7 is doing to Rogers. Lots of customers buy these types of phones and become severely dissatisfied, which hurts Rogers in the long run. Rogers has lost money due to these other brands of phones, which had forced Rogers to make an unfortunate number of layoffs.

    But fear not Rogers, Apple will always be at your side, and supply you with the best looking and most user friendly phone of all time, the Iphone. Other phones may hurt your company, but we will continue to be at your side.
    To infinity and beyond


  • John Williams

    I use acanac for unlimited high speed internet, free phone, and soon IPTV… all for $35/month. There is no reason to stay with Rogers anymore.

  • DenDen

    Hey Sketchy sales practices is correct. Say practically anything to get the sale. I worked for them for over a year, I couldn’t take their bs anymore.

    What would be great is if the sales rep could custom tailor plans for individuals and families as opposed to having packages (reminiscent of tv packages) where people are forced to fit into.

  • Aiden

    I despise Rogers. Even more so after working for them.

  • Ivan

    So it went down, unless inflation is less than 1% annually.

  • julieet

    I love to see cruel rogers….going down n down….just wish they close down their company. Which is not happen untill evrybody switch to koodo or wind.

  • Shan


  • Jonny

    One way or the other, you all have no lives.