TELUS Q2 2012 results: Subscriber base now at 7,447,000, 59% of postpaid subscribers have a smartphone

TELUS reported their Q2 2012 results and they managed to increase their wireless revenue by a respectable $95 million (13%) to $1.43 billion. TELUS attributed the increase to their subscriber numbers and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). TELUS’ “industry leading” blended ARPU was $60.29 – which rose $1.41 (2.4%) caused by the adoption of smartphone, mobile internet devices, tablets, roaming rates, and pay-per-use text messaging rates.

TELUS’ subscriber base is now sitting at 7,447,000, up from 7.36 million in Q1 2012. However, TELUS noted in their filing that the “Gross subscriber additions decreased year over year by 53,000 or 12% in the second quarter of 2012, and decreased year over year by 78,000 or 9.3% in the first six months of 2012. The decreases resulted from a lack of new iconic handsets and related lower promotional activity. Heightened competitive intensity was reflected in price competition for devices and an increased number of promotional rate plan offers, port-in credits and in-store credits from both established national competitors and newer entrants.” With the busy Q3 back-to-school period coming up, then the holiday rush in Q4 will certainly push TELUS well over the 7.5 million sub mark, especially with many new handsets and tablets coming out such as the “iPhone 5” and the 4G LTE PlayBook.

Smartphones are continuing to be a major play for them, now representing a staggering 59% of postpaid subscribers. In addition, data revenue, which increased by 27% in the quarter to $512 million, now represents 39% of network revenue.

Source: TELUS