Samsung keeps #1 position: Owns 24.1% market share, ships 50.2 million smartphones in Q2 2012


  • Mike

    Makes sense. They have 800 different models.

    (that being said, I love my Galaxy Nexus)

    • Brain

      I’ve seen it written all the time but it has been out of place, now I think it does apply:


    • Brad F

      50 million units for 800 phones combined isn’t too bad.

      But 26 million units for 1 phone seems pretty good.

  • Gerhardt

    lol – has RIM shipped 50 million of anything?

    RIP RIM.

  • nik

    apple is soon to be the new rim
    no wonder they are crying and suing every one left right and centre…oh you stole the round edges of iphone…WTF?
    usa law system is so fken stupid
    other countries block sales…nice work morons…rather than having more competition you are lowering it…money makes the world go around.

    • Brad F

      “Soon to be the new RIM”?

      They’re selling more phones each year than in all previous years combined.

      They make 75% of *all* the profits in the phone market.

      I’d say they’re doing pretty good.

    • nik

      @ brad
      yeah their profits are good..but if you look at their recent financial statements, profits are down…margins coming down…they say oh we missed earnings because ppl are waiting for iphone 5 but another issue is that ppl might have gone to galaxy s 3…if apple was doing so well and could knock out samsung they wouldnt be suing them in every part is ur chip that runs the iphone is made by samsung…good job ppl for paying 700 $ for stupid software to live in apples bubble.

  • Netguru

    “This makes both Samsung and Apple capture 49.5% of the smartphone market.” Where do you get that from? The numbers in the chart do not support that.

    • RICKYB

      They are referring to the Q2 2012 market share. I think they meant to refer to the second chart but oh well. The numbers do add up.

    • RICKYB

      Scratch that, I read it wrong. Yeah the numbers add up perfectly. The first chart represents smartphone marketshare and if you add samsung and apple together you do get 49.5

    • Brain

      16.9% + 32.6% =49.5%

      Which is significant: Half of the Smartphones sold in Q2 are either Samsung or iphones. And those numbers will only increase with the iphone5 and the new Google phones in October.

      Win 8/Nokia will have a TOUGH time trying to breach those ecosystems, I hope they consider themselves “New entrants” and compete with solid software (its up to MS) and solid Hardware ( No problem thanks to Nokia) but above all: with a COMPETITIVE PRICE!! ( Up to both??)

      If Nokia wakes up and stops being a MS slave, they could start releasing Android phones, and they would give a hard time to Samsung, but their ego is stopping the Finnish from doing the Sensitive thing.

      Once all that bloodbath is over, by the time the holidays are done and 99% of the planet has changed/upgraded phones..enter RIM and BB10!
      -That’s what you call Un-fashionably L8 to the partey!



      What kind of “netguru” are you if you can’t even do basic math? FAIL!

      Just saying…

    • BB

      RIM will be back brain and ps you spelled party wrong. just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean anything. If you have noticed people don’t purchase the way they used too. now they buy what they want when they want and don’t wait for a special reason. Look at the stats…most phones weren’t purchased in the holidays…q1, q2, and q3 still have large quantities being sold. Rim is probably doing the right thing, start late, but have a better year. or start in q4 and battle two of the biggest smartphone sellers.

  • tony

    How about ZTE w/ a 300% gain in smartphones. Looks like they can sneak into the top 3 eventually with those gains.

  • Brad F

    This is starting to bug me about reports like this:

    Apple reports units *sold* to *actual customers*.

    Samsung reports units *shipped* to *store shelves*.

    They are not the same.

    • Adam

      It doesn’t matter. If a store gets 50 galaxy s III’s, they’ll sell 50 Galaxy S III’s. Depending on location, can take less than a week.

    • bob

      Wrong. IDC makes estimates. They use the same methodology for Apple and Samsung.

      Anyway, shipped smartphones will have to be sold one day. It’s not like if retailers were going to stockpile them forever.

  • Jordan Hill

    way to go samsung!!!!! love my GN

  • Miroslav Satan

    Eventually this is going to be the main choices for consumers in terms of smartphones:

    – Apple: iPhone + iOS
    – Samsung: Galaxy + Android
    – Nokia: Lumia + Windows Phone

    All others will just scrape the bottom of the barrel.

    • bob

      Lumia + Windows Phone is far from having a guaranteed success.

    • stylinred

      the majority of the 10.2m smartphone shipments from Nokia are still Symbian phones though, Nokia only sold 4million Lumias so they’ve still got a long way to go and they’re expecting to ship less Lumias in Q3 due to the view of supporters waiting for WP8 devices instead

  • monsterduc1000

    Brad F. If you did some research, it seems there are 3 Apple phones that are still sold, 3gs, 4 and 4s.

    Typical ibot. Can’t see the world in front of them. Just the next slightly upgraded piece of fruit.

    • briggs

      you have three phones, on the same OS. And seeing as most of the phandroids here say that apple hasn’t innovated since the first gen iphone, the argument could be that they’re all the same phone anyways.

      Not that they are, but seriously, please keep your arguments consistent.

    • S2556

      lol imagine if Samsung was still selling the galaxy S?
      goes to show how little people know when they buy a 3 year old idevice for the same price as a 5 month old android

  • jonny.

    wow….that is a lot of cellphones that are going into the dump…..

    we need to get rid of our “disposable” way of life or we will be living in a big toxic garbage heap.

  • juneboy

    rip rim.

  • Kroms

    Ouch !
    This will not make APPLE or it’s Iphans Happy at all.

  • BB

    where is @metoo today when all this good stuff is being reported. No apple sales guy either….wow this is different. Last time I checked they were saying android fans don’t spend money.