RIM has seeded over 5,000 BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices to developers


  • RIM Rocks


    • MISSING: BB10, Reward Offered for Information Leading to release date

      When can I buy a BB10 phone from the store? I am looking for an exact date here.


    • Impressive…..but!

      Impressive RIM, but I have seeded like 500 women.


      Hey, When can we buy BB10 phones in the store?

      Please give me the date.

    • CanIhaveMyPhoneBack?

      Am I miising anything here?
      They are asking developers to develop ONE application
      Give the phone back
      And they are given the PROMISE of a phone back; not eeven “Later this year?”

      1-If BB10 actually comes out of Lazaridis dreams the Dev the phones will be worth a lot being prototypes.
      2-If RIM goes under/gets chopped in parts they will be worth a lot.
      3-If RIM goes under/gets chopped in parts and they send the phones back they will get a big NOTHING.
      You have to be dumb to send one of those units back!

      Nothing that comes out of RIM these days make any sense!
      The name of the article should read” RIM asks developers for their prototype back!”

    • CanIhaveMyPhoneBack?

      They manage to release yet ANOTHER article and avoid the elephant in the room:
      WHEN will they ship BB10!
      ” Make an app, send me your dev prototype and will send you a BB10 phone.” PERIOD END OF SENTENCE.
      RIMM at $10.60 10 days to go, and the $10s are here to stay, wait for the next rumour and the barrage of vavporware on the week of the 25-27 trying to mitigate stock losses.

    • Markus

      Sorry RIM. Too little too late. You’re dead.


      When can we buy BB10 phones in the store?

      Please give me the date. An actual date of when I can go exchange money for the physical BB10 phone.


  • OgtheDim

    “When a developer asked when to expect the BlackBerry 10 tools to be ready, the reply came, ‘It will be ready when you tell us its ready.'”

    Maybe if the development tools used a GNU license….

  • Brent M

    surprised i have not seen any of these devices up on ebay yet. I was actually looking to buy one 😛

  • AJ

    My borther got one. The phone feature does not work pending software upgrade.

    What a joke.

    • SH*T FIEND

      does it have BBM or native email?

    • sp

      damn dood you are a joke.

      the phone is running an alpha software for development..

      why in God’s name would RIM initialize the phone features of the phone when they are looking for development of software and such….

      and your borther (spell check if obviously not your friend) getting it and expects to use it as a phone…kinda makes me believe that you both probably have a brick and pretending it to be a BB10 device…


  • AJ

    I guess this company will go in bankcruptcy protection in Alpha Dev mode.

    Nortel all the way.

  • Antinerd

    @ MISSING: BB10

    To paraphrase RIM in the article above…

    “It will be ready when they tell you its ready.”

    Playbook OS2 is sweet. I was well thought out, and clearly RIM gave the people what they wanted. However, 1.x was put out there before it was ready. The world had a field day harping on all that was missing from 1.x . Getting to market quickly with a flawed product is much worse that delivering a work of art a little late.

    Take your time RIM and get it right again, just like Playbook OS2 !

  • Jr67

    Giving phones away…sounds like an Android business plan (jokes, I realize they a dev units).

    For all that is wrong with RIM they are still more profitable that most Android vendors, except Samsung.

  • drone

    Wtf? That looks like a replica of the Galaxy S2 in black SGP sleeve case.

    • Jr67

      @drone very ironic observation when discussing Samsung…

      Maybe Samsung is getting Samsunged?

  • PFCsystems

    No—it looks like a mini-playbook…..as does the Galaxy S2/3

  • Rim = Phayle

    @Impressive… But
    You da man! Hilar.

  • Rim = Phayle

    Let Android rejoice and Apple be glad
    Let all the nations sing
    Let users proclaim through every land
    That Rim is finally dead.

  • KC

    Now RIM just needs to get everyone who got the dev alpha to create 100 apps each plus get the big companies to bring apps to app world. I am extremely excited for the future of blackberry and really cant wait for the launch because windows phone just is not the alternative to iOS and android that I am looking for and from what i have seen from my Playbook and what i have seen so far i am really hoping RIM is able to hang on to it’s number 3 spot.

  • Amber Michaels


  • Titoeuf

    I couldn’t agree more with the developers quotes of this article (I am a developer myself).

    First of all, when you develop for the QNX OS, you choose the programming language you want : C/C++, HTML5, Action Script (Flash/Air), java (Android to QNX).
    That’s already quite a thing, other platforms doesn’t offer you that choice. The development tools have also quite grown up in the past months as they are working close to apps developers.

    To those who don’t like RIM and are just saying it is dead, I know you fear they make a come back, why else would you bother to comment?
    BB10 will be awesome, you’re just not ready for it..

    Brace yourselves for the ultimate device!

    • BB10-you’re just not ready for it.

      “BB10 will be awesome, you’re just not ready for it..”

      Thanks!You just made my week.
      Your line is Epic!

      I agree: the world is not ready for BB10 yet.
      Also:” They want the truth abotu BB10??-They Can’t handle the truth!!”

    • Kris

      Really welcome your comments,someone with knowledge and background to know what you talking about,I use Blacberry for last couple of years, tried Android before,I am a Linux user, but when comes to phones, Blackberry wins hands down,two grown out of college children with their Droids often wonder how I can get things done so fast on my Blackberry… and Playbook that my son borrowed it couple months ago….oh well , his Birthday is coming up it will be rather easy…:)

  • BB10-you’re just not ready for it.

    “Brace yourselves for the ultimate device!”

    The device that will come in the latter part of the year and is July and all they have to show is a picture from May of the pre-developer prototype?

    Sorry but PROOF of BB10 NOT coming by October is more abundant that the “FIRM RELEASE DATE” of BB10 coming.

  • dizzle

    RIM better hurry up and bring some products out. otherwise this excitement they are creating will just end up in masturbation for all and no action at all.

    RIM step the F up and deliver. enough with the turn-ons

  • CanadaTekky

    Take your time RIM and get it right. Give users the opportunity to try other devices. Let’s see how many users will come running back.
    Rim devices has some world class features. They may not have quad core processors but I won’t trade my device for any thing else than a blackberry with autofocus camera :p.

  • Andrew

    All the people saying RIM is dead are i****s. Corporations still support them for enterprise, and they still have huge chunks of market share. You armchair CEO’s are no better than the armchair sport coaches saying “all the team needs to do to win is this one thing. I don’t get why the coach doesn’t just do that.” Why aren’t you in control of a billion dollar corporation? O that’s right, you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Sheesh people.

  • teddygramz

    when are there goin 7.1 os for blackberry 9790 for rogers