Google: Ice Cream Sandwich now powers 7.1% of Android devices


  • GNexUser

    Still stuck on 4.0.1 here in Canada (yakjuux).

    Samsung Mobile Canada really needs to pick up the pace!

  • anaj

    How can I get Android 4.0 on my Telus Nexus S. I recently bought it and I dont see any updates… I dont want to root or flash or w/e.

  • Will

    GNexUser, It’s also in the discretion of your carrier to release it.

  • Abe

    Ummm jelly bean wont be out till probably fall….

  • Pierre

    Yeah same here… Bell Galaxy Nexus still stuck on 4.0.1
    anybody know how to force upgrade it???

  • Wendymd

    I was able to update my Sony Xperia Ray to 4.0.3, Wednesday from Sony’s website. I don’t understand why that’s not an option for other brands?

  • shiftastic

    Telus Gnex is on 4.0.2, seems Canada is the 0.4%

  • Sandman2749

    Running 4.03 on my Amaze. Telus came through with the official update this morning! Feels like a new phone. Awesome!

  • ugly phone

    Blame Canadian carriers. Samsung releases it but the carriers like to put their bloat on them so it takes time.

    • Mark

      There is no bloatware on Canadian Nexus phones. Samsung variants are identical to Google variants other than radios and languages. They are all pure android. All Canadian phone are actually the same identical build (yakjuux) regardless of carrier, so no specific carrier changes are even possible.

  • Matt

    Still stuck on 2.3.6 for the Rogers Galaxy Note. ICS hurry up!

  • Bigs

    Isnt it ridiculous that there is an update every quarter, and phones bought less than a year ago is obsolete? I’m tired of android and it’s constant iteration of the same thing with changes that only nerds would care, well besides ICS, that is an upgrade worth getting. Smarten up google, stop catering to the nerds, they are not the ones who will spend stupid money on devices like apple fans…..

  • Bananas Karuma

    Blame it on the carriers. They have no interest in moving previously released models to new OS variants (e.g. 3.2 to 4.0 or 4.0.1 to 4.0.3). Why should they? From their point of view forcing you to stay with the same OS the phone came with is just another reason to incentivize you go out and but a new phone and upgrade your current plan before your current plan expires. Unfortunately, Canadians are sheep and until people wake up to this and start to pressure the CRTC to do something about this, the robber-baron carriers will continue to treat us like mushrooms living in a dark hole and feeding us their sh**t.

  • Quico

    This should be sorted when Google sell phones online, thus bypassing carriers. Google will affectingly show a finger to the carriers which no longer will have a saying on when a phone receives an OTA. That day can’t arrive soon enough.

  • gavins

    i don’t work at a carrier but i have worked with carriers for a few years and i can tell you that the carriers would love to upgrade your devices in perpetuity. if they can keep you in the same phone for longer and continue collecting their $60/mth from you they are very happy. when people think their phone is out of date if causes churn for the carrier or a new device (read subsidy). the oems are the ones that are conflicted because development resources can go toward new devices or existing ones and finding the correct balance is the biggest challenge.

  • Jem

    Annoyed that my yakjuux Telus GNex is still stuck on on 4.0.1

    • Sinan

      I’m glad others have nteciod this trend!! I was riding my bike the other day and it seemed there was a chipmunk every 2 or 3 feet!! I’ve never seen so many!!! and a coworker mentioned seeing many the other day .Interesting!