LG Optimus L7 pops up online, imminent launch on Rogers and Fido


  • Ramaduci

    $0 Dollars most likely with Data on 3 year term. Where is the fine print?

  • bummy

    Wow. You know you’re losing market interest when you launch a new product at $0.

  • Paul

    I believe this will launch under Rogers’ smartphone ‘lite’ program with no data plan required.

  • Jordan

    You’ll be able to get the phone for $0 on a 2 yr term with their $40 lite smartphone plan including 100 mb of data. Obviously it’s not something for most of us, but the lite smartphone category is one thing I’ll give Rogers credit for. The L7 or Lumia 710 are a steal for $0 with a $40 plan on a 2 yr contract compared to the other contracts we put up with from the big 3.

  • Brayden

    Too bad all LG phones are garbage.

    • Kassandra

      It’s not so much the pricing lelves that annoys me as much as the lack of unlimited data. The iPhone seems to have been engineered with the assumption of unlimited data access. Out of the box it assumes to download hefty email attachment and stream endless YouTube videos without any consideration for consumption. As consumers we must now consciously weigh every data request as being worthy of our monthly allotment. That results in a horrible user experience. This month Rogers has also started capping our home broadband usage which makes me now hesitate each time I think of clicking a download link as I wonder if this transaction will cost me in overage charges.

  • sak500

    Glad i bought Galaxy SIII. Never crap LG after using Optimus 3D for 7 months now can’t even trade it for half it’s value.

  • Max

    After speaking with an LG rep about this phone, from what I understand it will be $0 on a voice and data plan (minimum $50 MSF), and $50 on a voice only plan, which is a smartphone lite.

  • Dusty

    what’s the problem with the lg optimus l7? I am suppose to pick one up on Tuesday. Mine is $50.00 – $33.00 credit, with tax’s will be $19.21 then they take off 11.74 from my rewards, and I pay almost 8 cash/or put on account. This is also for a 2 year contract and 33.00 per month, no data plan needed.

    So, am I missing something, what was the lg optimus x2 like?

  • Piyatida

    I think anyone who is poitsng these plans on their sites needs to put quotes around evening , as only in the loosest sense of the word can 9:00pm and evening be used together without the additional words, middle of the .If the $60 plan was 200 minutes anytime, and evenings after 7:00pm, I think many Canadians would be a lot less critical of Rogers, but it appears that greed has once again been the driving force between the execs at Rogers.