WIND Mobile opens up pre-registration for the Lumia 710


  • Atrix Luvr

    If I didn’t have an Atrix, I’d buy this.

  • Sean

    Excellent news, I can really see this phone being a killer for Wind as it should be free on the tab or $250 outright, affordable for everyone and if unlocked should work on all carriers.

    Great power for a great price, that is what will sell.

  • kevolution

    Been available for a while thru rogers, its a pentaband phone, so it would work unlocked at 250 from rogers it was a great deal.. I think wind is a bit late with this one

  • Kid.Canada

    I wish the Lumia 900 supported AWS. Woulda a been a hot seller for Wind mobile.

  • Alex Perrier

    The HTC Radar 4G has been dropped to the $350 outright price point, $150 with WINDtab on the $25/month plan, and $50 on the $40/month plan. This is a good sign of more decent pricing.

    i expect the Nokia Lumia 710 to cost less. In terms of popularity, style and building materials, HTC has the advantage. Nokia’s strengths are a cost-efficient yet still very powerful phone. An affordable phone would also be a plus for WIND to gain new customers and chase them away from Big 3. Hopefully this is no more than $300.

    i am glad to see WIND pick up some solid WINDows phones! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Tek2012

    The Nokia Lumia 710 will probably be a lot more popular than people think, this is actually a great little phone and why Windows units will succeed. I tried a Rogers model this week and it was a lot faster than more higher priced Androids. Wind’s network is also better than the other new entrants by a long shot and with the coverage well worth it.

  • Marion

    has anyone migrated from an android to a window’s phone? Is it difficult to let go of the droid? what do you miss about it?

    i really like the Radar and the lumia, and itching to get a new phone

    • Alex Perrier

      i have transitioned from an LG Optimus Chic (decent Android for first time users) to the HTC Radar 4G. There are a few apps that i miss from Android 2.2 such as Dell Voice and imo messenger. But i am overall way more satisfied with the Radar. It is easier to use and more responsive due to the Windows Phone platform.

      i’ll admit, however, the the Optimus Chic’s processor is slower than the Radar. The Chic’s screen is smaller, too. There is also about a $150 price difference between the MSRPs, and the LG Optimus Chic was ultimately cleared out and discontinued due to very poor sales.

    • Keith

      The Lumia 900 seems to be picking up a lot of iOS and Android converts–check the user reviews on Amazon and AT & T.

    • humble x

      Best experience ever but if certain apps are important to t
      You, wait for the switch

  • PkaTka3

    This is too show that Nokia > Samsuck. Go nokia + HTC!

  • Audrey

    Go Wind! Still having a honeymoon with my galaxy nexus i got from them after recently transferring. Good bye Rogers, Hello super cheap appropriate pricing.

  • Stan

    I will wait for the next wave of Windows phones, but rest assured, my next device will be Windows, and most likely a Nokia, since nothing can beat Nokia’s quality and reception.

  • Stanley Mug

    I have to say quality and reception is number one in most Nokia phones. I try every phone in my life. I just had Samsung and went to BB and the reception is not great as Nokia phone i had.
    Now Nokia and Windows together make me go back to Nokia.
    I had my eyes on this phone since T-Mobile came out with it and i was going to buy it of USA market but now that WIND will have it, i can’t wait for it.
    Speaking about apps, there are 1000s of apps out there that 1% of the user will download it.
    i hope this device will be set at $199 with colour back cover.