Bell Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to Android OS 4.0 pushed to May


  • R.Dot

    These Android updates really need to come out faster..

  • no1 u no

    Lolololol mi ifone iz on teh 5 poynt 1 lololololololololololololoooollololoool

    • xda hackman


  • lighter

    There needs to be unified updates google needs to step in and get these manfactures get on the ball so there isnt this massive fragmentation it just looks bad on their OS!

    • Dewey

      HAHA Bell, why so slow? Trying to squeeze in more bloatware? Here’s a tidbit for all you sheeples still with Robellus, Wind released OTA update for Nexus S already, where’s Bell?

  • Sam

    I doubt carriers have an Android Department of programmers. And that is where all the problems is. After each release of Android they have to play with it for a bit to test their own bloatware.

    What I don’t get is why the Galaxy Nexus has been delayed for so long on many of the carriers. I ahould not need to oem unlock my device in order to have the latest updates, specially if mine does not have any of the extra stuff that Bell, Rogers and Videotron put on theirs.

    One of the reasons for me getting the Galaxy Nexus was the promise to get updates directly from google.

    • Dewey

      Wind Mobile Nexus S has even had it’s OTA update already to 4.0.4. Bell is only interested in how much bloatware they can shove in.

  • Apple4Life

    Yea good luck with that thinking a nexus device will get treated differently.


  • Josh

    Typical lol

  • Mark

    I had no faith in Bell anyway. Bell are just a happy group of liars.

  • Cory

    After standing behind Bell faithfully, this is my last straw. Tired of paying top dollar for a phone, and this is what we get in return. Guess it pays to be a early adopter! Wasted my money being an early adopter to the note, considering it’s a Flagship 4.0 device, and it’s still being pushed back, month by month! Screw you Bell. Rogers or Telus wouldn’t pull this s**t. Peace out.

  • Sub-Joker

    I knew I will come to this article and read either whining from ppl who want updates, or taunting from apple and windows phone users.
    I don’t get it?!!! the international version didn’t get the update yet if i’m not mistaken, do you expect bell to release the update before the international version??!!

    plus, here is what I believe is happening. google overhauled the OS when moving to ICS (compare the os from FroYo and Gingerbread to ICS and you’d easily say it’s a huge leap in the OS). so I think porting the OS to phone that has the old os is not an easy task. I’m not a software engineer, but I know doing updates on a computer is way easier than installing a new OS on it. that what I think what really is causing the delays!!

    guys relax, 30 days is not life changing. chill a bit.

    • badmojo

      ” guys relax, 30 days is not life changing. chill a bit.” – my response to bell when they call me asking why I haven’t paid my bill. See if they like MY estimated bill payment schedule. I have a feeling they won’t enjoy having me tell them they’ll get my money when they get it.

      Bell- you’ll get your updates when you get them.

      Glad we should accept paying top dollar for phones, high bills and read about their fiscal billion dollar profits yet asking for reasonable update timeframes makes US, the consumer, the asholes.

      If they are going to charge us ridiculous phone prices on top of absolutely ridiculous monthly fees AND rub it in our faces they made billions in profit which they put in the bank I think we have a right to demand a fraction of that money goes to creating a support team for devices for timely updates.

      The reason for delays and year long waits? They want you to buy new devices. That’s the biggest accepted form of corruption towards consumers I’ve ever seen. Just saying.

      My note works great so don’t care. My previous HTC desire HD never worked yet I was billed just the same. Funny how that works.

    • Sub-Joker

      lol… you can actually skip paying a month without getting them calling you to pay your bill. I forgot one time to pay and nothing really happened.

      I agree with you on the rest tho…..


    samsung playing each month …when it willbe end

  • Jesso2k

    I’ve got it now anyways. Thanks though bell.

  • Mike

    Is SGSII ICS update will be pushed on kies this month ?(virgin subscriber)

  • Mark

    there’s a 4.3 leak on the web loaded with AT&T bloatware but with root.access. Thing is really smooth and functionnal, proof : I’m sending this comment from my LTE Galaxy Note on a canadian Highway right now.

    Never trust carriers lol


    I just got the GALAXY NOTE and was pissed because I was told by the Bell salesman that I would be able to update it to ICS as soon as I got it. Obviously he had no idea what he was talking about. I called Bells Tech support and they told me that the ICS update for the GALAXY NOTE on Bell Mobility will be by the end of the month, so by the end of JUNE. FINGERS CROSSED. Kinda regretting getting the NOTE and not waiting for the GALAXY S3 🙁 – KID ANDROID

  • Randroid

    I want an Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Where is my (like above, promised) Upgrade

  • Tired of Waiting

    I am tired of always waiting for my updates! Next time I am getting an a Nexus or an iPhone only.