Official: Here’s a list of Bell Android devices getting upgraded to OS 4.0 (including timelines)


  • Phil

    Will it means the same for Virgin ?


      GALAXY NOTE IN APRIL 2012????


    • gab = math wiz


      You realize that April is in Q2 right? Idiot.


      @gab = math wiz

      late q2 a** hole

    • neil younger

      Yeah, Virgin must update our S2 too.

    • shark

      i would like to know the same thing…have you found out? nobody else bothered to reply about virgin as far as i can tell.

  • Matt R

    Guess it’s safe to say that Rogers & Telus will release ICS 4.0 around the same time as well.

  • bob

    shame for the Atrix

    • Eddie Winslow

      I just installed CM9 on my atrix. It runs super smooth and fast. I love it. My phone finally feels smart

  • Primlar

    That’s great! Any word on smartphones like the HTC Incredible S? Or will ICS be rolled out to superphones only?

  • Theywillbedead

    No atrix or xt860? What about incredible s? Htc is going to be pushin an update out for it

  • Rick

    Good thing there’s a great dev community… I’ve been running ICS on my Sensation for 2 months now, with everything working. No thanks to you Bell!

  • Dalex

    Or it could start right now if you just get CM9 (or any other similar quality ROM) on your device. No carrier bloatware, just stock ICS as google intended with an extremely smooth and fluid experience.

  • CBV

    still late Bell, but when we are late for our bils….

  • PhoneScience

    Wait, the Raider is getting it in June? ATT already has it out! There’s no excuse for that delay whatsoever.

    • cybik

      Yeah but they have to optimise it for their clients!

      (read: they need to put shovelware in the firmware to piss us the eff off.)

  • D

    I find it funny that the Optimus LTE was launched with claims of an imminent ICS upgrade, and now it’s the last device in the lineup.

  • Someguy

    Only 5 months later!!!! Joke

  • Steve Dion

    Android = Joke. Seriously, only reason they are on top is cause they give their phones away with the 3 year plans. What a mess.

    • Spartacus


      The only reason they are on top is because of clowns like you who feel you are part of an exclusive club who will pay top dollar for over-hyped super-marketed phones.

    • Yeria

      I saw an Apple ad the other day. It was showing how cool cloud sync is.

      We Android users thought it was cool in 2011 too so I’m sure you’ll find it very much enjoyable.

    • John

      It’s totally a joke. I have an Android phone now and will never buy another one. I’ve had nothing but headaches with it and this whole fragmentation issue is a disaster. I will have to go 1 year 5 months without an upgrade to a phone that is glitchy. This whole model sucks the big one.

  • Rich

    I’d love to see XDA’s list of upgrades 😀

  • Gord

    Motorola has publishedhat ICS will be available for the Atrix in Q3 so hopefully as the year rolls along Bell will update their schedule as well. If we don’t get it, it will be a Bell decision.

  • Andrew

    Its not really that late since they just tarted rolling official ics upgrades internationally only this month and they’re still not fully stable on the galaxy s2 yet so April is pretty reasonable imo.

  • Guest

    The better question is when are they going to release further updates for people who already have ICS.

    • pho

      If it’s a company like Asus a good chance that updates will be pushed out asap to fix bugs. For a company like Samsung, maybe months, or never.

  • Evan

    What about my HTC incredible s

  • Radapple

    Already running 4.0.3 on my galaxy s2 using the Resurrection Remix rom!

  • Andrew

    Ya the custom Roms are good just cant wait for the custom kernels to get better using siyah beta 7 already had a few kernel panics with the batista70 foxhound rom Samsung waited so long to release kernel sources

  • LeDerp

    Custom ROMs ftw.

    I’ll be getting ICS 4.0.4 probably tonight on my Nexus thanks to AOKP.

    Dev community rocks my socks.

    Carrier pushes suck.

  • Jorge

    Glad I sold my atrix to get an iPhone 4s. There needs to be some more control of timelines and guarantees for updates on android. No reason a year old “super phone” shouldn’t get updated quicker. Down rate my comment all I want but I don’t feel I should have to root and run custom software to get updates

    • Techie

      “Superphone ” is Bell marketing term for a normal smartphone, that gullible people like you believe makes it better.

    • Ali

      Fabio besides Twitter & XDA (a total cesospol) how/where can I donate to you?I’ve been using (and promoting) Revolver since version 2. I wouldn’t have anything else on my TF. I feel like I owe you, and would like to donate.Also, is there another place besides the cesospol to download the ROM and updates? Rev Parts doesn’t seem to do it for me. I’ve been relying on friends to d/l it for me

  • {JPM}

    Atrix on AT&T is getting ICS, but Atrix on Bell is getting nothing….

  • john

    I have been running a BETA (no less) of CM9 on my SGS – you know, the one that Samsung said they couldn’t port ICS to – since February.

    It’s still missing a few bits and it’s not even a release candidate yet, but it still runs circles around any official release from Bell (froyo or gingerbread) or my iPhone 4 that was upgraded to iOS 5. My Galaxy S with ONLY 512 MB of RAM and a single core CPU is plenty fast enough – especially without that bloated touchwiz framework sitting on top of the OS.

    It’s worth spending a couple hours to familiarize yourself with modding your phone so you can control your upgrade cycle – not a company whose primary interest is selling NEW handsets, not upgrading ones they’ve already sold.

    ICS is way worth it.

    Root and Flash it yourself or quit complaining.

    • Matt

      Any links you can share on how to do that? Id love to run ICS on my S.

  • Anirask

    I got mango for Windows Phone within 2-3 weeks, not 6 months on a year old phone. Bell have also deployed every subsequent WP upgrade within a week or two. Running the latest 8107 update on my 18 month old LG Quantum.

  • Kian_of_TO

    i am getting tired of waiting for my ICS update for HTC EVO 3D…

  • Joe

    I’m already enoying ICS on my Galaxy S that apparantly is not getting the upgrade…Thanks XDA!!!

  • Deli

    @JUST SAYING, APRIL is the start of q2. And Samsung clearly said q2. What the hell are u talking about? Touchwiz 3 was crap but 4 is not that bad. Samsung has released multiple gingerbread kernel updates for S II since May last year consistently, please don’t be ignorant to say Samsung doesn’t support the SII. ICS is great but still plagued with bugs even on the Galaxy Nexus. Think of how good Asus is with updates and yet have to delay ICS for the original Transformer? Don’t blame Samsung first when Google can’t get their s**t together to release ICS on Nexus S. It’s Google’s fault for not pushing their OEM partners ffast enough. I love my android devices (used 15 android devices in the last 24 months) and no fan of IOS but can appreciate where iOS does have the advantages over android.

  • Celery

    What if you’re unlocked and not using service from any of the big three? Will I be able to get updates for my Note online or direct from Samsung?

  • Deli

    @celery, from my experience, if u have an unlocked device (either from overseas as a Sim-free device or to another carrier,it’ll follow the original carrier’s or international update schedule) .

  • COB

    June? Are you frigin kidding me. I am done with HTC and Android.

  • Bellsucksass

    Back in December 2011 mobile syrup reported the “estimated release date” for ics on the htc sensation was february 2012 now it’s June 2012? That’s horrible bell. Oh well my phone is rooted and I’ve had ics on my sensation for a while now. Still shame on you bell.

  • Steve jobs

    Maybe if OEMs released the same screen size with same specs and running identical operating systems like my precious iPhone then Android wouldn’t have delays.

    Yeah, funk that. Ill take a phone that fits my needs with a screen size to match and patiently wait since my screen isn’t 3.5 inches. 3 inch screen.. lol.

    With options comes the need for patience. Enjoy your phones and don’t think about it much.

  • Bri

    wow f*** July for my Optimus LTE…
    But can someone answer my question?
    I am using this Bell Optimus LTE on Roger’s network and it is unlocked.
    Would my phone be upgraded also once they roll out the upgrades in July??

  • Kevin ‘RawShock’ Kennedy

    Guys lets not be too hasty with Bell in Canada nor Motorola for not having the Atrix 4G even just in development and evaluation yet. At least the nail in the coffin ‘Will Remain on Android 2.3’ hasn’t been dealt to the good ole Atrix yet.

    I’m a little bummed over a longer wait then I’d have liked, but I’d rather see it done at all then not.

  • nathan

    At least when there’s updates for Android devices, the ui changes, along with feature upgrades and hardware improvements … unlike ios. All the iSheep can have their locked down, never changing UI ios…

    I won’t wait for the carrier to release updates, custom roms are the way to go…

  • crunch204

    timeline sucks, but atleast Bell is actually communicating and giving upgrade timelines for their devices

  • A person

    Hey what about the LG Eclypse? The T-Mobile version of it is apparently getting an upgrade according to LG…

  • Artz

    on Rogers and I’m still stuck on 4.0.1, what the hell…

  • hello

    This is still the first upgrade for bell on the s2. they missed ALL the gingerbread updates. I moved away and just flashed resurrection ics rom on instead. Best thing I have done.

  • Nishant Bhatt

    Atleast we get faster updates than US.

  • Amber

    nothing yet! Sgs2

  • DeeZ

    Still no word on Motorola Droid Razor I see. Not trying to down talk the Android OS but all this seems a bit of a mess.

  • Derek Mercier

    Is anyone having issues with the mobile hotspot with the HTC Raider? It keeps disconnecting on me all the time!

  • Cody

    I’ve been enjoying ICS on my Vivid (Raider) for two weeks now! 😛

  • sp

    anyone have a link for a stock Google ICS rom for the SGS2 from bell?

    sick and tired of this touchwiz ish….

    would love to run the stock ICS from Google.

  • John

    Great…I’m 1 year 7 months into my contract and it looks like I’ve got 1 year 5 months to go without an update. Wonderful model Google. Thanks a bunch. Fragmentation rocks!!!

  • Shawn

    Unbeliveable … still no word on Nexus S.

  • Gsizzle

    Anyone has any information to when Rogers Samsung Nexus S I90210A will be getting ICS update?
    I am honestly getting really irritated as how other Nexus S devices have ICS update and not us.

  • Stevo

    I’m in no hurry- my Sucksation just went in to the shop ’cause the touch screen doesn’t work , navigation works intermitantly, regular scrambled screen, random restarts,forced restarts to get software to work, multiple crashes/freezes , 8 hour battery with all the radios turned off and only several 2 min calls in that time. My wifes identical phone bought at the same time has been perfect in every way- nav always works and she gets 3 1/2 days on a charge – with all her freaking radios on!! Is ICS going to change this or should I just upgrade to iJesu$Phone?

  • Chupacabra

    any word yet? I haven’t gotten anything and it mid month..

  • Chupacabra

    No words yet?…

  • Shawn

    So far Bell has not release anything higher then 2.3.3 from keis for the Galazy S2 to my knowledge does anyone know anything yet as its the middle of april now

  • Chupacabra

    still nothin eh?

  • Michael

    Still updates for GSII… April 24th….

  • Craig

    must..have..ics..come on bell! and virgin I’m assuming will be similar timing as they are now owned by bell…..?anybody know?

  • Ixany

    looks like its gonna be May….

  • Cerealkiller

    Soooo virgin sgs2 here and still no sign of my sammich,by “april 2012” did that mean april 30th? Any updates since this post? And also how are sgs2 users notified of the update? Through sms? notice from carrier? Settings in phone? Having hard time finding any of this info..

  • ml

    Bell/Virgin better update the LG Eclypse with ICS or I will file a lawsuit on them. It’s not right that they pick and choose what device will get an update or not. I will ask courts to stop them from doing this ever again.

  • chris

    Still no update for Bell’s galaxy tab 10.1. Grrrrrr