HTC One X with Tegra 3 and HSPA+ available for pre-order for $799 at NCIX


  • Quagmire

    Or you can get a BB Tour for $549, less price than this HTC poop and you get a trackball you can remove and play marbles with.


    • Theywillbepissed

      @Quagmire – gigity

  • TouchMyBox

    Now put the T-Mobile one with the S4 chip up. 🙂

  • T1MB1T

    STOLEN from wind yet again!!! YOU all know we have the most megga hurts and the best network so why is this happening.. I will tell you! it is because tony is leaving and he is being replaced. BUT tony is wind so do not worry he will be around to help! support wind and do not worry about LTE!! AWS is far better as we know!!! Wind~!

  • zed

    Way overpriced… just wait until it officially comes here. I can’t see it pricier than 699, with 650 most likely being the price.

    • Mike

      This one has a quad core processor, while the Rogers version is a dual core.
      For people who think the number of cores is important, this is the one to get.

      It’s like some people shop for cars based on the number of cylinders the engine has. More cylinder doesn’t always mean faster, but some people feel the need for extra cylinders.

  • Eddie Winslow

    I’d take one if someone bought it for me.

  • Radapple

    If the rogers version is slightly cheaper, just buy it outright and unlock it at home!

  • Wesley Pipes

    I need tools, not toys.

  • Kid.Canada

    799?? Lmao The day I’ll pay that much for a phone is when he’ll freezes over.

    • Mike

      No he won’t.

    • cybik

      I paid 750 for my Galaxy Nexus and yet hell is still as hot as ever.

  • Dalex

    It will drop to 600-650$ the day it becomes subsidized by Rogers. This is Expansys’ business model though and is nothing surprising or appaling. They target people that want this phone first at all costs, and some people can and will afford it.

    My SGS2 running CM9 Stock ICS is more than good enough though, but I can see people wanting this, especially for the camera.

    • Dalex

      Sorry meant to say NCIX. Funny thing is I checked and it was 789$ there. Woot, save 10$ people, buy it at!

  • howitzer

    time to do some overtime ! 799$….. man…

    also to for my nexus s to step down. Good bye small, low res, pentile yet good looking display.

  • Ronin

    Sweet, I finally discovered something that was tip-worthy, even if the price did make me die a little inside.

  • bob

    most probably an import from UK or wherever this phone is released first

    Also I love how they don’t give any shipment date. They could wait 3 months after the release if they want to.

  • Cody

    I can not wait to get this. I’m on my 4th phone this year and something tells me once this comes out I won’t need a new one for a long time 🙂

  • JL

    I’ve gotten a chance to play with this phone for a bit. Though it was the white one with polycarbonate shell, Rogers is getting the one pictured with the matte back.

    If you can tolerate bigger phones such as the Razr and Nexus this is by far the best phone on the market.

    The screen is absolutely spectacular, the way it is basically laminated on the glass and the viewing angles are almost 180. It’s better than the iPhone screen and I’m an iPhone 4S user.

    Performance is blazing fast (like no lag), Camera is superb and the taking full 8 MP images while 1080p video recording is an extremely useful feature. Also Sense 4.0 isn’t horrible at all, though I like Stock ICS multitasker over the Sense one. The white polycarbonate shell looked really good. Not sure how this one looks.

    If the battery isn’t craptacular on it this is the Android phone to get.

  • Brett

    Will this version take a micro sim? My understanding is the quad core version is sim free. How would a sim free phone work on a Canadian carrier?

    • bob

      You just insert your sim card in it. Not sure if it’s mini or micro SIM.

  • Dalex

    It’s a micro sim for this phone. You can go see your carrier to have them give you a new micro sim. Or you can cut your own sim up (though I would recommend reading about it a bit before trying).

  • Brett

    Thanks! 🙂

  • vn33

    Anyone else thinks $799 is breathtaking out of reach for mere mortals like me to spend on a phone ? Wow !

  • Al

    more expensive than the galaxy nexus when it came out? HIGH-END PHONES, Y U NO STAY CHEAP

  • Boojay

    Hopefully the One S will be cheaper. That’s the one I’m aiming for. S is for Sexy…..unless Apple uses it.

  • android fan

    with telus and bell getting the one s and rogers getting the duel core x version because of networks issues maybe telus or bell will pick up the one x quad core version later in year cheaper than ncix specially on a three year contract

  • android fan

    by the way I love this phone

  • LeDerp

    Nexus killer? lol

  • Jim R

    A lot of the phones on NCIX use European frequencies for 3G. Does this phone support NA frequencies? Is it perhaps penta-band?

  • Jer

    I might drop such an amount if the battery was twice the size it currently is…. actually, no, no I wouldn’t. This is exactly what scares me, new technology comnbined to a shitty battery. I’ll wait for the new Huawei XL. thanks.

  • Tomatoes

    Too bad HTC makes ugly looking phones now, otherwise this would have been sweet.


    this phone doesnt worth more than $550

    Galaxy S 3 will be cheaper and better.

  • Sub-Joker

    my only concern is the battery on this device…. and unfortunately it’s not removable. so if you’re out of juice while you’re out of home or the office, you’re screwed.

  • nade

    Oh look, T1MBITS’s gone timbits again.