HTC One X with Snapdragon S4 benchmarked before potential May release


  • AllanVS

    I was gonna ditch Rogers for lying to me this month … but I have to wait for this phone to be released, and get one of them. Man those scores ROCK!


      Apple users says NO need for a dual or quad core

      Very impressive results

  • Dalex

    Pretty awesome and should go a long way in shutting up those claiming North America got jipped by not getting the quad core Tegra 3.

    Still, we’ll see how it performs in real life with the One X and One S, as this is a benchmark developped by Qualcomm.

    • KingK

      Except that Tegra 3 is in a tablet and every clueless person out there forgets that.

      Tegra 3 in that same phone did very similar in benchmarks, close to 5000 in quadrant.

      Compare apples to apples.

      Wait till the actual phones come out.

  • bob

    These benchmarks are probably not multithreaded and Velamo is made by qualcomm.

    I will wait for REAL benchmarks.

  • bobo jones

    This is the phone to get WOW

  • bob c

    To bad after a month of use the phone will lag like $#it cause of sense. Also is this the same s4 that will be coming in the one s

  • Megahertz

    The thing that really impressed me about this chart was not realizing the Sharp makes makes smartphones. Wonder what their screens are like…

  • RyanOver

    The HTC One X come with a quad-core tegra 3, the HTC One XL come with the Dual-core snapdragon S4.

    • JB

      Come one man, If you are going to comment, try and at least make sense.

      While Velamo is a Qualcomm benchmark, the S4 is much faster than the T3 on almost all levels. Just wait until the Adreno 225 is replaced with the 320, then it wont even be close.

  • Bulletwithbatwings

    I’m MUCH mor interested in the Asus Paffone which will have the same S4 chip, no SENSE and will convert into a tablet with keyboard dock and Bond-style pen phone.

  • RyanOver

    The quad-core is better. Those benchmark are not accurate, the tegra 3 use his core as needed so you use a benchmark app who support only dual-core so the tegra 3 will use 2 core.

  • Sub-Joker

    Regardless how reliable these benchmarks are, I believe the tegra 3 has the lead when it comes to the GPU specs.
    Plus, we are comparing something that is already almost 4 month old against something that will be released in may. Technology is moving fast these days and 5 months time difference is considerably large. nVidia success comes because it releases first (even with the tegra 2) before the competition. It does age with time, but what doesn’t?

  • Henaway

    Numbers are relatively meaningless. The user experience in your hand is all that matters. Let’s see how it is OFF paper. Cold fusion looks good on paper. Still waiting for my home generation station that uses it.

  • Dalex

    I’m curious about Sense 4.0 mostly. I’ve had an HTC Desire a while ago and it was generally awesome, except for Sense. Hopefully the new one isn’t a ressource hog. The rest of the phone is phenomenal however and is the first smartphone to set the bar for 2012, especially camera wise where it blows everything else away.

  • Somebody

    What I believe is if the software( OS drivers) and hardware matches each other perfectly,that device would be best in performance and will outsource any other device.

  • zzZZzz

    @bob c, I guess you already tested that phone yourself right, in order to make such allegations?

  • EddieWinslow

    I am pretty inrested in this phone.

    I am going to be holding off until i can compare it side by side the Galaxy S3 however.

    The asus Padfone does sound pretty awesome too.