Microsoft looking to Q2 2012 for Tango release, next version of Windows Phone


  • bob

    I don’t think Microsoft should allow anything lower than 800×480. This should be the norm for low end phones now.

    • Mark

      Agreed.. But why do you mention that, did they say something about using a lower resolution?

    • gjac0m

      @Mark Have you read the article?

  • freestaterocker

    Smaller devices, not necessarily lower res. Also, for those who have been following these update roadmap leaks (there have been several) all indications are that this is an older version. Most believe the actual arrival dates for Tango and Apollo are Q1 & Q2 respectively. As a WP7 user and fan, I’m hoping for sooner rather than later. Also hoping the Canadian carriers will get on with the new devices… Especially Bell, who I’m currently tethered to. (and happy with so far)