Google: 3.7 million Android devices were activated on December 24th and 25th


  • Friko

    Same time next year, iOS will have one leg in its grave

    • RIM


  • wiley

    As an Android user, I’m becoming less enthusiastic about it. Becoming fragmented, way too many devices, security issues, phones almost the size of tablets, the list goes on. Currently debating new Android or Black Berry device.

    • milesclarence

      I was thinking the same thing, so I made sure I purchased a nexus device. However, I understand that not everybody is going to do that.

      Wired had a great article the other day titled ‘There Is No Such Thing as Android, Only Android-Compatible’ and it really changed the way I thought about it and it made so much sense.

      In short, the article explains that you purchase devices that are compatible with the android market and some google apps. that is it. Each device you purchase is a separate OS such a a samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola etc. and in turn it is now their job to provide for it and it is no related to Google/Android anymore.

      I have not done the article any justice in my brief attempt to summarize it, but it’s an interesting read and worth checking out.

  • sam

    I am waiting for the galaxy note. If they are going to release is in January these numbers will be duplicated

  • sam

    When I see people buy the iPhone I know right a way that they are taking a wrong decision, buying the iPhone 4s for $159 is a stupid idea!!!!

    • Brandon

      At least their phone will get updated, lol.

  • wiley

    I’m tired and pissed about Android updates. It will become their eventual downfall. Everyone loves them right now, but Android phones become obsolete almost right away. No updates or lack of, really sucks…..

  • G

    I highly recommend that people only buy Nexus devices. I bought the Nexus S two weeks ago (I know it’s over a year old, but I couldn’t pass on the Telus deal). Since it’s release nearly 15 months ago it’s still amazing, and Nexus devices will always get updates first, maybe not as fast as some would like, but you will get them.

  • Colin

    I missed the 3.7 activations on the 24th and 25th by activating my Android handset a week earlier. The one thing that I did on the 25th was turning it off, removing the SIM and sticking it back into my Symbian Belle handset. The only thing that I will continue to do with my Android is to test the 100 or so keyboard application to find one with a good T9 keyboard for my wifes phone (also to look for a data logger, can’t fatham why one isn’t included).

    • Colin

      Fucking Android fanboys voting my comment down. I brought up a good point, Android it missing lots of things that you would expect when you turn it on. It’s like buying a car, then having it ferryed to the wheel store to buy tires and then down the street to get seats, then the next place for the steering wheel and the heater. I want everything that I would normaly use on a daily basis out of the box, then maybe, down the road, swap out the radio for an aftermarket.

  • EmperumanV

    Ya out of the 6.8 million iOS and Android, Android was the clear winner hehe.

  • Nic

    With the deal being finalized soon with Google and Motorola – I think it may be possible Motorola phones may get updates sooner than some may think now.

  • guy

    wasn’t it yesterday or something mobilesyrup had a post saying there were 6.8 million android devices activated on Christmas Day so why the different post today

  • Ben

    6.8 million = Dec 25th ios + Dec 25th android
    3.7 million = Dec 24th android + Dec 25th android

    @guy: Not the same at all
    @EmperumanV: can’t conclude that based on the above info

  • aka

    woot! go Android!