Android Movies now available in Canada! (Rent HD movies on your Android)


  • Poodz

    Bam! Nice. Way to be on that MobileSyrup!!!

    • RIM Employee

      RIM will be able to do this too with QNX…YOU JUST WAIT!

  • Alex

    Yup……wish they had a free older section. Any way to stream to my ?

  • Kspraydad

    If I rented on my phone that has HDMI out I’d be able display on my TV? or is that on a phone by phone basis?

  • anona

    My TV out works on my GS2

  • TeknoBug

    More reasons to get an Android tablet (if this will work on those) with HDMI out to the TV.

  • bob

    They should also make a PC player

    • Lexcyn

      They do, it’s called Youtube. These are the same movies you can rent from there.

    • theMediaman

      The same films are available through YouTube Movies for playback on desktops and some settop players. However, it looks like the free films on YouTube Movies aren’t available on Android Market (yet?).

    • bob



  • Lexcyn

    Err… I’m trying to download the Videos app on my Desire HD and it says it’s not compatible with my device?!

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    • JD

      Same problem with my Desire HD, I get “This item is not compatible with your device.”, yet there it is and working fine on my wife’s Desire. Talk about frustrating.

  • Alex Perrier

    (looks at the high resolution screenshot)
    i own Soul Surfer in physical format and prefer it over digital-only. But congrats to Google for showcasing that movie! 🙂

    Now how does this service compare to iTunes and Netflix? How is the price, quality and service? How much data does it require?

    • JF

      Why don’t you just zip it!

  • RobVH

    Connect your Android phone with HDMI out to MicroVision’s ShowWX HMDI pico projector and you have a portable movie theatre in your pocket! Just add headphones. Awesome!

  • Alex Perrier

    They are honest questions because mobile Internet plans usually do not include a lot of usage, or throttle after a certain amount. The cost question also refers to the data charges, if applicable. Also not all phones are HD or HDMI.

    • TeknoBug

      Wifi has just been invented, look into it.

  • EmperumanV

    Good news

  • EmperumanV

    The Videos app is not compatible with my Xoom 🙁

  • Picolo

    What about Motorola Xoom in Canada ??????

  • Matt

    Err great? Why would anyone rent a movie on their phone? It would burn like 80% of your battery. Maybe if your PC and TV blew up or something.

  • Groan

    I wonder if it will work on the Iconia. Must test.

  • Android

    Why would I pay for content on my Android phone? That’s the whole reason I got one in the first place; it’s all free!

  • Darryl Wright

    Now we just need a way to AirPlay it to AppleTV or Boxee and we’ll be all set.

  • kenypowa

    I am under the impression that Google Movies do not work with rooted phones. You can still rent the movies, but will be unable to play it on your phone.

    • Kspraydad

      Correct…it will not work on rooted devices.

    • daveloft

      My Nexus S and ASUS Transformer are both rooted but for some reason it works just fine on my ASUS Transformer (running Prime 1.9.1 and the Clemsyn-Blades-CPAjuste-supercurio OC kernel for 3.2 elite ver 20).

  • jim

    So it is a crappy version of iTunes 5 years later? lol Androtards rejoice!

  • Clint

    I don’t see this app for my HTC Legend…it runs 2.2 is this something I am supposed to be able to download in the Android Marketplace?

    I tried typing Google Movies, Android movies…nothin comes up for me.

  • Interesting

    @Clint It just shows up as a category in the marketplace.

  • Matt

    So will this be comptible with skifta or allshare or something else that allows me to push it from the phone to the tv wirelessly?

  • EraqEE

    Pretty nice update in terms of speed, but still pretty laggy for the most part!

  • Mike

    seems kinda expensive to rent. $4.99 per movie. you can torrent the movies and download them for free of charge.

  • someone

    From what I understand, you:
    – Cannot use dlna, as these are streamed and not files
    – can be watched on any device that has your account. You should even be able to access your movies in the Android market in a Web browser.
    – cannot be rooted

  • Darren

    Selection sucks, thought Netflix was bad!

  • alex

    works on my rooted phones with the hacked version posted above

    I think you can download movies for offline viewing, would that alow DLNA?

  • Jay

    All I gotta say is, make sure you’re on Wi-Fi!

  • grempz

    totally forgot about the NO PLAY on rooted devices.. no refunds either.. but i can watch it on youtube from anywhere im signed in.

  • Zeake

    This is pure and utter garbage! I’m not even going to download it. I’m going for 30 thumbs down! Make it happen!