Google I/O 2011: Ice Cream Sandwich, 100 million Android activations & 200,000 available apps

Google I/O is now one and we’ve got the live stream of the keynote above. We’ll be following all the details.

– Android keynote is on: Focus is on Momentum, Mobile & More
– Google has activated over 100 million Android devices worldwide: 36 OEM, 215 carriers, 450,000 Android developers
– 310 Android devices in 112 countries
– Activating over 400,000 Android devices per day
– 200,000 apps available in the Android Market
– 4.5 billion apps installed
– Coming next is an upgrade to Honeycomb – OS 3.1 (Verizon first) and will be coming to Google TV
– Widget are going to the next level and you can now stretch them vertical/horizontal
– GoogleTV is getting the Android Market

– New Android OS – Q4 launch for “Ice Cream Sandwich” – all will be open source and will be coming to all sorts/sizes of devices: phones, tablets etc… no word on Canada.

Google announcing new services:

– Users can now rent HD movies from the Android Market “Thousands of titles” starting at $0.99 and can be streamed from the cloud to your computer, Android device. “Movies on Android Market”. No word on if it will be available in Canada but it’ll be available in a couple week for Android devices that run OS 2.2 or higher.

Google announced Music Beta by Google. Not available in Canada yet, but can import all of your existing playlists and you can make new ones (imports iTunes). Syncs everything wirelessly, no need for wires. More here.

– Google will be creating a team to create new guidelines for how long it takes for devices to get upgraded to a new OS (latest upgrade out 18 months after release). The founding partners have no Canadian carriers but are Verizon, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile, Vodfone, Motorola and AT&T.

Google announced “Android @ Home”: “We would like to think of your entire home as an accessory”.
– lets anything electrical talk to Android, lights, fridge, sprinkler, alarm, temperature.

– Android “Home portal” – “Project Tungsten” that basically controls your home stereo with Android.

BONUS, all 5,000 attendees will be getting the upcoming Android 3.0 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1