comScore: iPhone 4 most popular smartphone in Canada, Android now has 19% market share


  • Barry

    Screw iOS, go Android

  • Mitch Bundy

    Telus has $25?!?!?!

  • Preacher

    poor telus, how can they stay afloat with only $25?

  • jim

    lol All these Androtards are always on here saying the iPhone 4 was a failure and the iPhone 5 is DOA… what a bunch of i****s lol

    • Androtard

      Its only because Canada is behind the times in technology. Give it another year to catch up to the rest of the world. The next iPhone will sell well, but its marketshare dominance is a thing of the past for the rest of the world, Canada will follow.

  • John Fung

    Looks like they have corrected it now – 25% instead of $25.

  • Reggie Noble

    Canadians still love their Blackberry’s.
    In the U.S. Android and Apple dominate, while RIM is falling behind quickly.

    • Casey Callaghan

      It’s not just Canada, practically every country except the US loves their BlackBerry’s because of BBM and the QWERTY keyboard. It’s just that americans feel that their phones do the communication part alright, and feel that the multimedia parts are more important. Also in most countries, you can get a BlackBerry plan for much less than an iPhone/Android plan because you can get just BBM or just certain applications on your data plan for less than a generic data plan that you would get with an iPhone or android device.

  • chucka82

    The reason is that Android never had good marketing like Verison did in the US with their “Droid Does” campaign.

    • Labrat

      Very valid point.

      Also, the sales rep from the different telco probably have something to do with it. I see them pushing the RIM product pretty hard.

      As an example, in my circle off friend, 75% are using android, and the others are half RIM, half Apple. I am pretty certain it is because I showed them how great the Android platform can be.

      Without Marketing or good ambassador, it’s hard to promote a mobile platform, ask Windows Phone 7!

    • bob

      Not only Android never had a real marketing campaign in Canada, handsets always arrive 4-6 months late here.
      The iPhone, Blackberries and WP7 devices all get to Canada much faster and on more carriers (except WP7).

    • A

      Actually, don’t you forget the massive BOGO offer on Android that Verizon had at launch to compete with ATT’s iPhone… had more to do with Verizon giving the things away…

  • John Smitty

    GOH! ANDROID!!! Cut down on processed and fatty red meat due to increased risk of pancreatic cancer. Add red and yellow flavanoid colored veggies with your meals! GOH! RIM!!! Can’t play with our smartphones if we’re not healthy! Limit your cell phone exposure… Use an earpiece!

  • andy c

    how Sony is ahead of Samsung in the android catagory is beyond me.

    maybe they mistaken a few SGS’s for Iphones….

  • crimsona

    Considering how long Fido’s been around, I’m shocked that Koodo and Virgin are at the same level.

    • Reggie Noble

      Fido has a very bad phone lineup. It doesn’t really appeal to most people. A large percentage of Fido customers buy their phones unlocked. That being said, I also thought that Fido would of had a larger market share than at least Koodo.

  • Nobel

    I’m an Android user right now. But the reality I understood is that Android is still a glitchy OS. First of all Android is not as smooth as iOS or newer Windows 7.5 Mango. Then, many applications crashed a lot of time in my Android. Even some applications cannot be aligned properly.

    I know this will hurt the Android lovers. As an Android user, I wish I could say that Android is the best, however, I am more inclined towards Windows 7.5 Mango or iOS.

    • Nobel

      I am also looking forward to QNX.

    • knoble

      May be you should stick to known applications or ones recommended for your phone. Not all apps work on everyone.

    • andy c

      i made the switch from android to wp7 a few months ago.

      as long as your not into tinkering wp7 with mango is a fantastic OS.

      -fast os on older hardware
      -very good onscreen keyboard
      -i dont have to worry about turing off gps or wifi to save -the battery because the phone will go 1.5 days with both radios on.
      -no crashes or hangs

      Things i miss are some of the apps and turn by turn navi (i’m hoping Nokia maps will take care of this)

    • bob

      Turning GPS off doesn’t improve battery life.
      It’s only used when you actually use it (maps application)

    • Dizzle

      @Nobel: I hear what you are saying, but to knoble’s point, that’s what so great about Android…being able to have the FREEDOM to do what you want to your phone. If you want to customize and possibly risk the phone’s your choice. If you want to leave it stock and have only big branded apps installed so that it’s more stable…it’s your choice. Bottom line…it’s YOUR choice!

  • Jerry

    I was surprised to see Samsung so low on the list too. Of course these stats are from June 2011. Things may change come Dec 2011 with the Galaxy S2 and it’s variants on all major carriers.I have a few friends with iPhone’s and almost everyone else has a BB. I love my Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Chung Teety (Johnny)

    RIM continues to die a brutal and painful death.

  • Apple4Life

    Android is for geeks who think they’re cool. “OOO my duel core processor phone delivers so much power even tho the phone itself is less responsive than iphones”

    • JF


  • Sam McCullough (@SamanuelMC)

    Excellent to see some Canadian only stats for once. Also could you guys at Mobile Syrup invest in a better camera, what did you take those on a Storm 2?

  • Quang Fack

    I like RIM. RIM smart like me. I smart. RIM smart. RIM do good

  • Sweule D’McKendrix

    Anyone know where I can buy the Nokia N9? It looks really slick and I want it! I know it’ll have to be no contract but the question is where!?

  • Zudeo

    I upgraded from and iPhone 4 and bought a BlackBerry 9900. The Rogers reps thought I was crazy, and so do everyone around me, but you know what? I’m loving my BB. 38% Market Share is nothing to scoff at. Yes, it’s a decline but hopefully QNX changes that.

  • Zudeo

    I’ve tried Android.. I’ve tried to like it but the phones feel so cheap. Same with the Windows Phone 7 phones that I’ve tried. Samsung needs lessons from HTC on how to make a quality device. Tell me of a phone that has the build quality of BB 9900 and iPhone 4 and I might switch. Oh, and a GPU accelerated OS helps a lot.

  • Tyrone

    Well of course the iPhone is popular in Canada. There only 3 big companies here. That’s the only phone apart from Blackberries that are so over saturated rather compare it being the other way around in the US.

  • Len

    For once we can not blame the telecom companies for us being so far behind. People are choosing to go Apple and making us look like a country of i****s. *shakes head*

    iPhone 5 won’t be the Android killer everywhere else but here in Canada we are a little slow, eh?

  • Canucky Kong

    Part of the reason that Android is lagging here as opposed to other parts of the world is the 3-year contracts that we have here. Two year contracts are the norm in most places, with 3-year contracts being either impractical or illegal.

    In the United States Android made a large push in 2010 that is continuing on into 2011. I’m guessing that something similar will happen here over the next few years as people are finishing their contracts and looking for something new after the iPhone.

  • Stuntman

    I didn’t realise HTC was doing so well in Canada. I do find that they get their phones out to Canadians in a fairly timely manner. I have an HTC Desire Z. It was announced in Setpember 2010, released in some countries in October 2010 and in Canada the first week of November 2010.

    Amongst the people I know, I was the first with an Android. Now, I see more and more people getting Androids. Still a lot of iPhones and BlackBerrys. iPhones have the heavy marketing as all 3 major carriers have them. BlackBerrys are very popular as well. I would say that my BlackBerry work phone seems to be the most stable amongst the phones I have experience with. My Android and my father-in-law’s iPhone have had more glitches than my BlackBerry.

  • Studystand

    “personally I thought Samsung would be first, or at least second as they had great success with the Galaxy lineup.”

    No one asked for your opinion, leave that for the comments section.

  • Captain67

    So basically what this tells us is that the iPhone is maintaining it’s share, while Android is stealing the market from Microsoft and RIM.

  • 2plus2

    Did Microsoft lose market share? From 9% to 3%

    • i0livier

      Yep, I think it’s from 5% to 3% #microsoft

  • TeknoBug

    No surprise here, Apple barely changes while RIM and Android slides around. I still don’t see an enormous number of iPhone users when going and coming from work on the train/bus, still a wide variation of brands and the BB Curve and Bold are more common than you’d think- they ARE after the best method in communicating thanks to BBM.

  • TJ

    I was very surprised at one of the devices on the list, the 3G 8G iPhone almost tied with a 3GS 16G iPhone. I hope they mean 3GS 8G and it’s a typo. A 3G iPhone can’t even run IOS4 very well, has no multi-tasking and is slow.

    • TeknoBug

      My iPod Touch 8GB is from the same generation of the 3G/3GS iPhones, it’s running iOS4 just fine.

  • StupidCanuck

    The stats make sense.

    Canadians have the lowest IQ among all counries. Only around 20% of them have an IQ over 100. Those are the ones who use Android.

  • Tyler Kerr

    Where can I find more information on the Top Devices within Canada for 2011+??