comScore: iPhone 4 most popular smartphone in Canada, Android now has 19% market share

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) had their “Technology Showcase” in Ottawa today, I attended and there was some good info. A great deal of the focus was around mobile payments and healthcare. Something that’s always been missing for those interested in the Canadian mobile scene are Canadian-only stats. A small glimmer of hope came a few months ago when marketing research firm comScore released March statistics. RIM was the runaway leader with 42% of the smartphone OS market share in Canada.

Today, Bryan Segal, VP of Sales at comScore, hammered the lunchtime crowd with some very welcomed stats. His presentation was titled “The Canadian Mobile State of the Nation” and it’s based July 2011 data, representing 20,111,000 subscribers. Here’s some takeaways:

Operator Share:
Rogers: 27%
Bell: 25%
TELUS: 25%
Koodo Mobile: 4%
Virgin Mobile: 4%
Fido: 4%
Other: 11%

Apple iPhone dominates in Canada – at least in the top 10 handsets. Installed base and basically every age group. comScore states that the top handset is the iPhone 4 16GB version with 763,320 of them active, followed by RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700 with 420,558. In 3rd place is the talk and text LG Rumour 2 with 373,606. Breaking it down, Apple has four of the top 10 and makes up 1,776,697 of installed top 10 devices, while RIM has 1,564,868. As for age group, the iPhone is number 1 in every group.

Probably the most exciting slide is the smartphone OS, which is very telling from their March 2011 stats. Six months later comScore is reporting that Canadians are shifting towards Android… RIM falls 4% to 38% market share, Apple stays the same at 31% but Google’s Android picked up and gained more adopters and now has 19% market share in Canada (up from 12%). What’s even more surprising the leader of Android in Canada – by a huge margin – is HTC with a massive install base of 78%, followed by Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and LG – personally I thought Samsung would be first, or at least second as they had great success with the Galaxy lineup.