Public Mobile promo giving $5 a month of free roaming for 6 months


  • Lucas

    Keep trying Public. Nothing is going to come out of it. Especially when you’re trying to force competition out because you ran out of ideas to ‘compete’ in the market.

    Public Mobile’s business model: No competition = more business for me.

    Wind Mobile = Competition like never before.

  • bubbles

    can you hear me now? oh you can? gotta run my roaming just passed the free amount, what a waste of a promo

  • Window

    Who Cares about Public Mobile, only retired dumb ppl would join there cr!p

    • Rookie

      Retired and Dump .. ?

      Spending 1000’s $ for smart phone plans and years in contract for 150 mins and 3 GB of data .. Does that makes them smarter… Lets test how smart you are ,, Download “moron test” from your “Smart phone” and check your IQ…

    • RiteNtheJugular

      Just wait until you pay a phone bill yourself, you will soon see how having your parents pay for the phone bill you rack soon becomes quite a dent in your pocket. I dont know anyone who wouldn’t get a cheaper phone to have more use out of it. So when your bejeweled Iphone/blackberry gravy tain runs out. You’ll be the first one in line> BET THAT

  • Steveorama

    Good move Telus, good move.

  • NAJ

    public mobile is crazyy.. at launch they claimed to be the simplest phone company “when your phone works everything is included” now with roaming they complicated things for the market they were going after