Virgin introduces new Smartphone plans that cap off at $100/month


  • Brian

    Personally I think ill stick with my BB plan.

    45 a month for unlimited data and voicemail/caller I.d with unlimited texts.

    22 a month for a voice plan as I don’t really talk on my phone until I’m in the free evening/weekend time.

    Props to virgin for making new plan offers though.

  • Colin

    Data prices are way too high. Why can’t megabytes be treated like minutes and be available in whatever quantity we like, at reasonable pay as you go rates or at a discount if we get a contract?

  • Brian

    You forgot to mention that theres no minimum for tethering :)Virgin = Win

  • Hyder

    I agree that the data plans are way too much. 85$ for 5GB…are you kidding me?!!! How about an unlimited data for 30$ just like it’s in the US?!!!

  • Colin

    I would like to see an unlimited everything plan from virgin for $50-$60 like companies in the US.

  • Nancy

    I got the new Bold as an update, and they had alot of problems activating it at one of the virgin kiosk, and now its day 3 with my blackberry and I am still trying to download the App World and it is not working, and I called Virgin around 3 times and they are still trying to work on it.
    I was excited for the phone but 3 days into it I am tired and sick of trying to fix all the problems. Just sick.