TELUS meets CRTC e911 deadline on all 3 of their networks

Yesterday we wrote that some carriers will not be ready for the CRTC mandated e911 February deadline… TELUS wanted Canada to know that they have fully complied with the CRTC and have successfully met the deadline. In addition, Telus has implemented the enhanced wireless 911 (e911) services on all 3 of their networks: HSPA, CDMA, and iDEN (Mike).

Eros Spadotto, executive vice-president of Technology Strategy at TELUS said “Through our partnership with 911 and emergency services operations centres across Canada, this new enhanced 911 service will make mobile devices an even better public safety tool in an emergency. This is a complex and technically challenging project, involving new technology that needs to be tested in every local 911 operation centre, each with its own technology and approach. We are pleased that the contributions of the TELUS team are bringing this important capability to our clients and Canadians.”

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