Nokia says Google and Apple “don’t have research”

Nokia has released some wicked devices over the past few years and has certainly been highlighted as a major trendsetter when it comes to innovation. Even at the Global Mobile Phone Awards 2009 the E71 was nominated for “Best Mobile Handset or Device”, the Nokia Sports Tracker won “Best Mobile Internet Service” and in addition, won the “CEO Environment Award”. But even better is their work with mobile devices and their ability to hear, see and detect the environment around you.

Found this video on their website that has Henry Tirri, SVP Head of Nokia Reseach Center (NRC) talking about “how different companies set up their labs and how a lab rises during different eras of tech evolution”. The best part of the interview is when he speaks about Microsoft, Google and Apple and their lack of a research, or research centers.

Microsoft: skips by it.
Google: “Google doesn’t have one because it’s already intertwined. So they don’t actually have research. They have research people, but they are mixed with the development.”
Apple: “Doesn’t have research at all, interestingly enough”
Nokia: “We are in the era of NRC… this is the era where we make the difference. It is now our time.”

I am pretty sure that each of these organizations have some research area set up within their offices. Check out the interview here:

Via YouTube Nokia Conversations