New Apple Watch bands rumoured to launch mid-March, full redesign slated for Fall

Patrick O'Rourke

January 22, 2016 7:05pm

Along with the 4-inch iPhone 5se rumours, 9to5 Mac reporter Marc Gurman also dropped news today about the Apple Watch.

The wearable’s new lineup is expected to be similar to Apple’s September 2015 Apple Watch revision, launching a series of new band colour options for the device. The upcoming bands are reportedly made out of new materials and have been developed in partnership with various companies, similar to Apple’s collaboration with Hermès.

According to Gurman, March’s Apple Watch update likely won’t feature new hardware functionality. Apple, however, is reportedly preparing to release WatchOS 2.2, which was sent out to developers earlier this month.

A full second-generation redesign of the Apple Watch is expected to ship this Fall, with a September announcement.

While not much is known about Apple’s Spring event, it’s expected to go down during the week of March 14th, and could also bring the announcement of the iPad Air 3.

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Source9to5 Mac
  • J.S.Bach

    The new watch should be round, this square one looks terrible and there are so many really nice looking round watches that they pretty much have to.

    • It’s Me

      Why would a plethora of round watches that no one is buying mean they also have to make a round one? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to follow failures.

      Round makes complete sense for an analog watch since they use a round dial. But the only reason for a smartwatch to be round is to give the impression that it is an analog watch. Since a smartwatch has almost nothing in common with a traditional watch, that really is the only reason. Being a digital UI that will mostly be used to reading text or view pictures, a square-ish shape makes much more sense, which why we don’t use round TVs, monitors or smartphones.

      It’s funny that here is Apple allowing form to follow function and they get criticized for it.

    • Me

      I’m sorry but the way you phrased your opinion is meant to say the apple watch is a huge success. The only wearable that are actual successes are activity tracker and they aren’t round nor square.

      Also, it’s a watch. It’s worn on the wrist. You can change the band. It’s like saying: “Why would they call it an iPhone? It has nothing much in common with a land-line dial phone. The shape is different, the use is different.. It ain’t a phone!”.

      An iPhone is a phone and an Apple Watch is a watch. If they aleniate it too much to not look like a watch, it won’t work.

    • It’s Me

      Actually, the most popular tracker is Fitbit and their “smart” bands like the surge have square displays.

      And the fact that smartwatches are worn on the wrist doesn’t make it an actual watch anymore than my TV, which can display time, is a wall mounted clock. Nothing about the mechanics of an analog watch goes into a smartwatch. It’s a computer on your wrist but no one would buy it if they called it that. I kee my phone in my pocket. Since it tells time, by your logic it’s a pocket watch and should be round. But that would be pretty dumb.

    • Me

      For the pebble, they released a round one too.

      For how many times you just called me dumb instead of having a normal debate f you.

      Back to the topic, you keep referring to analog watch like it’s the only kind of watch on the planet. That’s dumb. A smartwatch had more on common with a digital watch. At the end, it’s still a watch. Your TV is primarily used for watching TV. Hence, it’s a TV. See how easy that is? Your TV example is complete irrelevant to our topic.

      The smartphone bit could make sense if the primary function of a phone was to display time. A smartphone is able to do a lot of things but the primary function is to be a phone for text and calls. If not, everyone would have an iPod touch.

      Back to the watch. The primary function is to display time. Whether it’s a analog, digital or smartwatch… It displays time. Like half the apps available for any model of watch are watch face apps. Which tells you what? That the watch face is important. What’s on the watch face? Right.. Time.

      Listen, I understand that someone who never used a smartwatch on a daily basis doesn’t get it. What I don’t understand is why someone who obviously doesn’t get it argues with me. I’ve owned 2 different smart watches. Yes, notifications are nice but at the end… It’s a watch man. Like it or not, that’s what it is. The apple watch is no better nor worst.

      Also, back to the point where you don’t use one on a daily basis, how would you know if a round watch is handicapping the use of it? For example, the moto 360 gains way more screen space with the circular display which is actually really nice. The fact that Apple is too lazy to adapt their os to another shapes doesn’t make it less good.

    • It’s Me

      Who says it’s primary function is to tell time? That is one function out of many. For someone that receives a lot of notifications, telling time will not be it’s primary function. It’s a computer strapped to your wrist. If all you want it for is to tell time, best to get a $10 timex at radio shack. It’s a computer on your wrist that had more in common with your laptop than with your analog watch. It’s called a watch only because it is worn on the wrist.

      And if the primary function of your smartphone is making calls and texts, then you probably are better to go back to a flip phone. Although being able to make calls is important, it is far from the primary function of smart phones for the vast majority of people. Data, data, data. That’s what sells smartphones. Not phone calls.

      It’s handicapped because it is round and round display are inferior for the vast majority of images and text, that’s why TVs aren’t round anymore. That’s why our phones aren’t round. The Moto gains space by being round? No, it loses display space and a lot of it. That’s the way geometry works. It also means that long text needs to wrap to fit the round shape which is not conducive to reading. Pictures also don’t fit naturally. It has nothing to do with Apple being too lazy. It’s that they aren’t daft enough to try to shoehorn a modern display unnecessarily into an inferior shape. How do I know? Because I’ve spend enough years doing software development, including UIs on custom hardware, to know that a round display is far from ideal for a computer display in almost every use-case. If analog watches were mainly triangular, I expect we’d be having this same debate, with you trying to explain why a triangle works for a wearable display. Maybe egg shaped or a parallelogram would be better. Or trapezoid. Maybe an irregular heptagon.

      I didn’t call you dumb but some of your reasoning is fairly limited.

    • Vito R.

      People are just sad creatures that need to criticize what they don’t have.

      Nobody with an Apple Watch has ever thought – “this wasting would be so much better if it was round”.

    • funkright

      Honestly, that’s what I thought until I started using one. Love it. Great device and works for a multitude of purpose, at least for me. YMMV ????

    • Brad Fortin

      “they pretty much have to.”

      If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that about Apple…

    • Frederick The Great

      What for? Round is generally the same old tired shît everyone else wears. Boring and tiring like your posts

    • Tech Guru

      The Apple Watch looks like utter trash you’d see at Giant Tiger.. I see grown men wearing this watch and shake my head. Its Apple though lol.

    • It’s Me

      I guess that’s one big difference. You don’t see many grown men wearing the other smart watches, aside from Fitbit and pebble maybe.

    • Mo Dabbas

      to be honest, I don’t see many wearing apple watch either. Except apple employees at the genuis bar (I went today to fix my ipad and I notice many are wearing one). But in general, here in montreal, I haven’t seen many wearing any. I havn’t seen pebble either. I’ve seen some jawbones and fitbits though.

    • Do Do

      As I said from the start, this dumb smartwach thing is an idiotic fad, as is, and it will end. Wearing a device to see notifications which then requires you to pull your phone out anyway to deal with them is idiotic. I get a text, my phone notifies my watch, I look at my watch and I then pull out my phone to respond. The watch doesn’t solve any problems, it creates one as far as I can tell.

    • cartfan88

      I agree it’s less about square vs round…it’s about is this a next big thing or a niche product? Initially the press seemed to push the next big thing idea but to be honest it seems more like 3D tv. Neat for some, but not really needed.

    • It’s Me

      That’s pretty much the same way I felt. I have up wearing a watch over a decade because it was made redundant by carrying a phone. A smartwatch just adds even more redundancy since the phone can do everything it does.

      But from talking to people with smartwatches it seems like they are using their phones much less. They glance at their watches without pulling out their phones for the vast majority of notifications. That compares to us without smartwatches that have pull out our phones to see notifications, and once it’s out then you’ll usually check other things too. If you’re the type that must compulsively respond to every notification, then no benefit. But if you’re the type that just reads the vast majority of notifications without responding then it saves you having to pull out your phone just to check.

      Also, the phone can’t be used to track biometrics like a wearable, so it not completely redundant anyway.

    • Do Do

      I don’t know as I haven’t tried one but I just saw a show where they were saying that all these phones suck when you’re actually using watches during a workout. That is to say that they’re not accurate at all once you get your pulse up. If that’s true, then they’re just as useful as a phone when the pulse is below 105, which is the number they were throwing around. I don’t know if its true but regardless, when I get on the treadmill I put on the old fashioned Polar strap around my chest that shows my pulse on my watch. $50 plus tax. has that covered and it’s accurate.

    • It’s Me

      A polar strap is better for accuracy but not as convenient. You have to strap it on. Not like you’re going to wear it to work and you have to remember to bring it with you if you do plan to use it out of the house. A wrist wearable is always on you for the most part. A laptop can do more than your smartphone but it’s not as convenient as using your phone on the go.

    • Frederick The Great

      I think you’re the one who is ‘dumb’ Taking out your phone everytime you get a notification is not only ridiculous it’s also considered quite rude, particularly if you’re in meetings. So while you may think it’s a fad to others its not and in fact is a good way to keep track of what’s important and then responding later when its more convenient.
      Also, as fitness trackers they do more than a phone is capable of. If anything we will see improvements to this and likely greater adoption in the years to come.

    • cartfan88

      If it makes it easier for you to track which of your million comments get deleted I could see the use. Then again if you’re in the basement who are you being rude to?

    • Frederick The Great

      What makes you think I care if my comments are deleted? You’re another goof.

    • It’s Me

      True here too in Waterloo. Lots of tech types here with BB, Google, , Sybase, Nuance, Opentext, D2L, Ratheon, etc all having large dev offices here. Mostly it fitbits (and then it’s mostly the cheaper flex and charge not the smartswatch-ish Surge) and the pebble. I’ve seen a few Apple Watches, maybe a dozen or so, but only a small handful of people I actual know have one. I’ve honestly only see two moto360’s. One was on a guy at McDonald’s and one was on a UW student sitting in front of me at a show. Haven’t really noticed more than that.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m not sure if this applies to the Moto360 or not, you will have to judge that for yourself, but one thought I had on actually noticing other smartwatches, especially some of the recent ones that have come out, is that they look like… well… a watch. So if you were passing someone on the street, or behind them at the grocery store checkout, you likely wouldn’t even notice them as a smartwatch because they just look like a watch. Personally, I’d say that is a good thing.

      The Apple watch on the other hand, doesn’t look like a watch. It looks like a mini iPhone strapped to your wrist. It’s distinctive yes, and to some that may be a good thing, but in my opinion, it is distinctive in a bad way. Not because it is an Apple product, regardless of my opinion of Apple on the whole, but in my opinion it is ugly, and stands out, and I personally wouldn’t want that.

      So the point here is that non-Apple smartwatches may not get noticed as much, in part, because the manufacturers have made an effort to design them to look like a normal watch. Apple took a different approach, for better or worse.

    • It’s Me

      I actually thought the same thing, that the round ones looked for like watches until I saw some being worn. The moto360 in particular. I thought it was just me that thought it looked like a hockey puck on a wrist, but a friend of mine was with me when we saw one being worn. Keeping in mind that he hates all things Apple, look looked at it and said “WTF is that fugly thing?” I said “that’s the moto360 you said looked so good online”. “Holy hell, that’s a frick’n hockey puck”.

      In the end, whether one like one’s appearance over another, it’s all completely subjective. But pretending that round is better for anything other than displaying time (and even then only for round dial based watch faces, is just being intentionally obtuse. No display we commonly use today for displaying text or graphics or moving images or almost anything else, lends itself to being round even if some of them (TVs) started out round. Making a wrist wearable round is simply a concession to try to make it more familiar but requires shoehorning the UI into an unnatural aspect.

    • FlamesFan89

      Like I said, I don’t know if it applies to the moto360 or not. I wasn’t speaking specifically about that watch. I was talking in general terms about the smartwatches on the market that look more like traditional watches.

      Secondly, I’m not saying that a watch has to be round, nor am I knocking the Apple watch for being square. I wear a square Fossil. My point was not that Apple made a square watch, so that is distinctive and bad. My point was that Apple made a watch that has almost zero resemblance to any sort of traditional watch, save for the fact that it is worn on the wrist. In my opinion, and I recognize that it is my opinion, the look of the Apple watch resembles that of a toy, and not a finely crafted device. I personally find it comical.

      So to your whole second paragraph, pretending that I was saying that a watch must be round, is… well… being intentionally obtuse. 😉 😛

    • It’s Me

      Sorry, that wasn’t directed at your comment. I didn’t check to see which comment you replied to and thought it was a continuation of another discussion about form.

      I actually find the Apple Watch to look fairly watch like on-wrist. Moreso than the 360, which I initially thought looked very watch-like from pics. Everyone will have their own opinion about how good it looks or how much like a regular watch it appears.

    • FlamesFan89

      I thought I liked the looks of the moto360, until I saw it in person. The “hockey puck on a wrist” description is apt. I wouldn’t want one.

      That said, I don’t think the Apple watch is better or worse, it is different. In my opinion, they both, along with the Pebble, are ugly, but all for different reasons. I wouldn’t rank them, they all just get piled into the “Ugly” category in my opinion.

    • Frederick The Great

      Yeah. I saw a couple greying old men in their late 50’s early 60’s yesterday using their Passports while sitting at the bar having drinks acting all important. No wonder CrapBerry is dying your demographic is too. lol

    • I’m not a fan of the square design either, but I really don’t see Apple switching things up and opting for a round form factor.

  • Tech Guru

    Sweet time to spend another $350! Can’t wait Apple!

  • Mo Dabbas

    Apple Watch S??

  • cartfan88

    A new 4″ phone to get excited about? An Air 3 with perhaps Pro internals? Not really much to see here. It would appear more development is available on the watch.

    Plus Tims got his hands full with the EU/Ireland tax situation.

    • Frederick The Great

      Yeah. Just like Google EH??? What was the settlement they reached with the UK? $140 million USD roughly? LOL! You guys are pathetic the Fandroids you are and your own beloved ripping off the British taxpayer.

    • Me

      Your Mother.

    • Frederick The Great

      Truth hurts I guess. Your ‘mother’ is no saint.

    • FrederickTheGreat

      Yeah. Just like Google is busy paying back over $140 million USD in taxes owing the UK government EH?

  • Me

    BEHOLD PEASANTS! Apple is about to invent the circle!