Sony to announce the Android Wear-powered SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk at IFA

Ian Hardy

August 30, 2014 8:53pm

Sony upcoming keynote at the IFA is scheduled for September 4th. Along with the 5.15-inch Xperia Z3, Sony is rumoured to continue progressing along the wearable path with a new smartwatch and fitness tracker.

Leaked online are a couple new products that Sony will reportedly unveil. The SmartWatch 3, which is a following to the SmartWatch and SmartWatch 2, will run Android Wear, sport a 1.68-inch 320 x 320 display and IP58 certified dust and water resistant. While the image is not the clearest, the overall design seems to be constructed in one piece and looks to be plastic. As for sensors, the display reveals it might feature a heart rate monitor.

In addition, Sony will come to market with another fitness tracker called the “SmartBand Talk.” The details are sparse, but it’ll have a curved e-ink display and Bluetooth connectivity. No word if the SmartBand Talk will be detachable like the original SmartBand, or if Sony will add in a display.

Source 9to5Google
  • Columbo

    Wow, none of these watches have even been released and the market is already over-saturated.

  • Abdi Mohamed


    How much it would cost to repair smart watch vs traditional one , will the price point allow for a simple repair or will it be cheaper to buy another unit of same brand ?


    BOXING DAY 2014 is going to be crazy!

    • Felix

      There was a breakdown of the LG g watch I believe and they said it’s actually easy to fix

  • Shahul Hameed Akbar

    Good to see Sony hopping onto the Android Wear wagon instead of their in-house sw used in their earlier smart watches.

    • Warukyure

      Yeah, thats good news. Considering that it was once reported that Sony wouldn’t go for Android Wear because they believed they invested too much in their current SmartWatch software.

      Hope whatever they come out with works with their only Z series phones and not limited to newer ones.