Apple says an update to iOS 7 is coming that will fix random home screen crashes

Ian Hardy

January 22, 2014 6:33pm

Deep within the Apple support forum is a post titled “iPhone 5 with iOS 7 randomly shuts off.” This thread was started on September 20th — right after iOS was released — and has over 89,000 views and close to 250 replies. Much of the problem resolves around home screen and apps crashing that eventually results in random reboots. Depending on the colour of your iPhone will bring either a black screen or white screen with the Apple logo. Some users report the issue happens when the battery level dips below 30%, while others state it happens out of the blue when loading various apps.

Apple has finally responded to the issue, declaring to Mashable that “We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.” No word yet on when the update will be pushed through. As for stats, Apple’s developer blog notes that 79% of all App Store visitors are using iOS 7.

Source: Mashable
Via: Apple, AppleInsider

  • Generalissimo_S

    I upgraded my wife’s iPhone 4, and my iPhone 4S to iOS7. Big mistake. The 4 just slowed to a crawl, and the 4S wasn’t much better. Just about to order the Nexus 5 to give Android a shot.

    • Anaron

      You won’t be disappointed with the Nexus 5. It’s very fast and the screen is amazing.

    • Dave

      Turn on reduce motion under accessibility.

      Settings, general, accessibility, reduce motion on

      This should help

    • Joseph

      the lastest iterations of iOS have always crippled their phones

    • Wizzy

      Wait, I thought that OS upgrades for old devices was a good thing? Android is always taking criticism for that while Apple updates old phones that can’t handle their new bloated versions.

  • Thr1ve

    It took them over 4 months to fix such a huge issue? Really? So much for iOS’ supposed stability over other platforms…