Gmail for iOS 2.0 released with multiple account support, cleaner look

Daniel Bader

December 4, 2012 2:39pm

When Google purchased top iOS mail client creator, Sparrow, in July, it was only a matter of time before its influence would be felt in the Gmail app. And while the Sparrow team was not directly involved in the creation of Gmail 2.0 for iOS, its touches can be felt throughout the app.

From the seamless multiple account integration to the use of Google profile photos, the app feels smooth and fresh, an equally potent combination of top-tier iOS app design and Google’s recent minimalist flair. Aesthetically, it hews closely to the recent flat, white upgrade Gmail’s desktop site recently received.

The app also integrates Google calendar invites, so you can accept or reject times from within the app itself. Links also start up in Chrome by default (if it’s installed on the phone) so you can stay away from mobile Safari completely if desired. Google has improved search within the app which, if you’re anything like me, involves instantly retrieving results from 15,000+ emails.

Gmail 2.0 also incorporates infinite scrolling, so it never appears like you have to dig into the servers for emails older than 30 days. It downloads headers and content on the fly and, as stated, makes searching huge databases even faster than before.

Multiple account integration is going to be the biggest boost to productivity for many users; I was previously getting around this by forwarding my second and third accounts to a main one, but this is no longer necessary, thank goodness. Lastly, users can reply to Google+ posts from within an email thread, something we’ll likely continue to see Google iterate on in future updates. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, Gmail and Google+ are only one app on both Android and iOS.

Gmail for Android also got updated recently with support for zooming and swipe-to-archive for devices running ICS or above.

Some users are already reporting that Gmail 2.0 has not fixed the typing and scrolling lag found in previous versions. While typing is smooth on the iPhone 5, it’s also clearly not as seamless as when typing in; the keyboard occasionally lags and has to catch up to itself.

Download Gmail 2.0 for iOS.
Via: Google Blog

  • Steve

    did it get pulled or something? i see it as an update but when i try to install it says “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”



  • Matt Graham

    So the question is… was it Google that pulled it for a bug or security issue; or was it Apple that pulled it because of some made up TOS violation?

  • Arcsvibe

    Same thing here. Can’t update it

  • 7-Down

    For people who are receiving the “No longer available” error message on iOS for the latest update of +Gmail – Simply go to the search tab at the bottom and search for “Gmail” and click “Install” within the search page.

  • lukeiphone

    But why do you even need this app? I have my email set up as an “exchange” and all emails are pushed to my phone. Why would I need this app over the one already set up in native iOS?

    • KimJong-iil

      to use gmail i guess ?

    • lukeiphone

      My gmail is setup as exchange

    • Shayne

      because I want to be able archive on my phone, because I want to set gmail labels, because I want to change my out of office reminder, because I want to see threaded conversations…

  • Matthew

    If you’re running into the “no long available” error, 7-Down’s suggestion may work. I personally deleted the old Gmail app off my phone and installed the new version cleanly

  • Lol?

    Gmail for iOS 2.0, do you mean Gmail 2.0 for iOS?
    iOS 2.0 is a bit far back.

    • TestMe

      Yeah, but there has not been many improvements to the OS since iOS 2.0

  • Slype

    Yeah, expect the title to be updated. Nice to see Google rolling out the improvements for everyone.

  • Alan

    I use the Mail app for my work Exchange account only, as iOS doesn’t allow for multiple email signatures or distinct notification sounds for different email accounts. I use the Gmail app for personal email, so it stays separated from my work email and so that every personal email won’t have my corporate email signature attached to it.

    I also don’t want to be checking my phone every time the notification sound goes off to check whether the email is work related (important), or some mailing list spam going to my personal Gmail account.

    • gary

      I have multiple email signatures for my different email accounts on iOS. All you have to do is go into your settings, mail settings and change signatures to “Per Account” rather then “All accounts”. Just trying to help out if you still don’t know how to use your phone. You are correct about not being able to use different notification sounds for different emails, I wish iOS had that.

  • Josh

    If youre getting the error delete gmail first then go to app store and install again. Its a HUGE improvement actually!

  • Amar

    pinch to zoom sucks in the app. aesthetically pleasing, clean, labels work great. pinch to zoom is essential