Google acquires third party iOS email client Sparrow


  • jonny

    Wow, Sparrow got lucky! There is no way an email client is worth 25 million. Email clients are so easy to write, and google could have created one for significantly less.

    The inflated money would have been for the client base and the fact that its an apple product, and Google wants to get their fingers in Apple.

    • GuiSim

      If you’ve ever used IMAP and connected to GMail, you’d know that it’s not as simple as you might think.

    • GuiSim

      (And I don’t mean using a desktop application, I mean writing an actual client)

  • CaptainJackSparrow


  • Derp

    ^ Loser

  • Rip

    There you go, as time goes by there is less and less time for Google and the others to buy RIM!

  • Tom

    I suppose this means that there is no hope that they will release an iPad ready Sparrow App!

    I love this program, best email client on my Mac ever and I have been using the iPhone App on my iPad for months waiting for it to grow up.


    • Josh

      The article specifically states the upcoming release of an iPad app…

    • isdfoa

      ofcourse they’re gonna make an iPad app! Google is NOT Apple, where all their software only works on Android devices. And being a software company it benefits them to get their software available to all customers.

  • Bren

    I think this is an acknowledgement that there is no “outstanding” email app for Android. If they can’t write one, they will buy one. Really that is the only superior feature of BB and Google is going to rectify that.

  • Toto23

    proud or Sparrow, French startup of 5 employees, getting a free ticket to go live in California