Fix the Nexus 4 sensitivity issue with this bootloader/firmware downgrade [How To]


  • holler back girl

    This is not a “fix”

    • cybik

      Until there’s a proper upgrade package, yes, it’s a fix.

    • Tom

      For some subset of owners it is a fix.

      For others, at least they now know that they have the option of waiting for a firmware update to fix the problem, rather then returning the unit.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @cybik This is as much of a fix as folding up a newspaper and putting it under the short leg of a wobbling table.

    • caribouroader

      Agree Holler…this is just a stop gap. We need official update.


      Sensitivity issue and no LTE

    • John

      At least they know its not a hardware issue and it can be fixed easily.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    iPhone5 is a fix!!

    • cybik

      Fixes the touchscreen.

      Breaks everything else.


    • Brad F(anboy)

      Good to know I’ve got enough of a following that other people feel free to post in my name.

    • EvanKr


      Even iPhone users have been reporting screen sensitivity issues, so really it fixes nothing.


      Correction, iPhone looser reports a problem almost every day

      Then apple reply and say “you are holding it wrong”

    • Jonatan Biloz

      The iPhone 5 has actually a hardware touchscreen issue. Not fixable with a software upgrade. Do your search before you talk nonsense young Fap(boy) Lol

  • Tom

    Okay, mea culpa. I said that I thought it was a hardware issue and you should return it – I was wrong.

    • Mike

      @Glimpse84 Ha, I guess you’re right! My bad!

  • Nexus 4kid

    I’m not having no problems with my phone.

    • Mike

      Are you having problems reading though? The article clearly says SOME USERS have this problem, not ALL USERS.

    • Glimpse84

      If you were to follow his double-negative, he is having a problem…

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Is this just an issue with the 8GB or does the 16Gb ahve the same issue?

  • NotMyNext

    I had such high hopes for a nice Nexus upgrade (having the One and the S) when rumors of 5 nexus devices were out there, then I was very disappointed to see it was only LG… It looks nice, but with all these issues (touch sensitivity, white noise/interference and specially all the cracking) I will have to settle for a Galaxy SIII and miss stock android

  • NordicNinja

    It’s definitely not a hardware issue. For one thing it registers low pressure swipes just fine, it’s just the initial touch or taps that require a higher pressure. Swipes have shown lower pressures readings, down below 0.20, so that alone is an indication that the hardware can detect lower pressure touches. In addition to this is has been shown in custom recovery (CWM Recovery Touch) to register much lower pressure touches and taps, so it is definitely an OS/driver issue, and a minor one at that. I am confident this will get patched in the near future, via Google or otherwise.

  • Collin Lewis

    Thanks for the fix!!!!!

  • jack

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LG!

  • Michael Aston

    LG, do a research on virtually every device they have made and ‘ISSUES’ abound..they make crap…be warned…

  • Jamie

    Michael I’m tired of the LG comments. This is my first LG device in a long time, I was a Samsung fan and still am but that doesn’t mean other great players are out there. Or that companies can change with time and lessons learned. Both Samsung and Apple didn’t make it to the top by being perfect all the time.

    Look at the Apple products that came out with “issues” and they have a huge global market cut. Some of which were hardware and couldn’t be fixed with an update (ie. antenna issue).

    I have the Nexus 4 and love it, LG did a great job, they seem to have done a great job with the LG Optimus G as well. I hope they continue on this road but so far this year the devices have been rock solid. Their will never be a “perfect” device but this is sure close enough for me and I love that the screen issue is only a software update away (which we will get from google eventually since it’s a nexus)

  • Michael Aston

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    • cdub

      wtf i think your in the wrong place.

  • Radaplpe

    like people are saying, This means it’s a software issue and a fix will no doubt be issued from google eventually

  • Mike

    I had an LG G2X so I got screwed by LG really really hard. I swore to never by another LG device again. But with my nexus 4, I have found the exception

  • Gronnd

    I wonder. I just picked up an Optimus G, which uses the same internal components, and I’m having the exact same issue as was described for the N4. Interesting.

  • The REAL Brad F

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    • Brad F(anboy)

      The REAL Brad F has a photo and usually has his comments hidden due to low comment rating.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I actually don’t have a photo.

      Man, it’s going to be so hard to tell my posts from the (other) trolls. Except I’m better at circle-jerking.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    The trick to having so many people post as you is to not care.

  • Rob

    What is this? Nexus 4? Where can I get one?!?!?!? :barf:

  • GlassBackBadIdea


    serves you right you morons who thought Nexus 4 is the best technological innovation on earth. bunch of morons. I hope all of your phones suffer from this so I laugh at your sorry asses. hahaha


  • Simble

    They are just phones, not revolutionary manifestos..move on with life

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Im so gey!!

  • The REAL Brad F

    it’s snowing!!!

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