Gmail for Android 4.0+ devices updated with pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-archive


  • crimsona

    It’s not enabled by default, you must go into Gmail preferences and enable it in the checkbox

  • Thai

    Bone to the er!

  • nochangeshere

    Well, I just updated (on 4.1.2) and there’s no pinch & zoom or swype to archive… besides the “archive” icon being different, there’s nothing major here, at least not for me.

    • nochangeshere

      Forget it, just found it under settings.

  • Ron Mexico

    Sweet, good times!

  • the handsome one

    That’s all nice and all, but how about including a dark theme…

  • Rocky

    Why just Google…what about others….?

  • the handsome one

    Or any theme for that matter, other than white…

  • lorax

    ugh, still no black theme, I don’t know why google is so adamant about power hunger white themes.

  • Alex

    Mcafee has an antivirus for Android as well, check it out. You’ll need it.

  • Jon

    How do you enable the pinch to zoom???

    • Joe

      Go to settings – Auto-Fit messages- check box to allow zooming.

  • Marco

    Just upgraded to 4.1.1 and upgraded gmail app, html view is now gone, anyone know how to enable it back?

  • NordicNinja

    Something I haven’t seen anyone mention yet, AFTER you pinch zoom, DOUBLE TAP and it will wrap the zoomed text into your screen so you don’t have to scroll left/right to see everything. I can’t believe this has gone un-mentioned, has anyone else noticed this? It would be nice if it auto-wrapped after zooming, but I’ll take it as is, good update.