Google: Ice Cream Sandwich is running on 1% of Android devices

Ian Hardy

February 2, 2012 12:17pm

The latest chart supplied by Google’s Android Developers shows 1% of all Android devices run OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this is up from 0.06% in December. The data collected is for the past couple weeks and doesn’t reflect specific device sales, but could possibly give a good indication how the Galaxy Nexus and other ICS tablets are doing. OS 2.3 Gingerbread also increased to 58.6%, up from 55.5%. Froyo (OS 2.2) is pleasantly continuing its fall, now running on 27.8% of Android devices.

Google CEO Larry Page recently said that “700,000 phones are lit up everyday and I’m please to announce 250 million Android devices in total… we’re announcing over 11 billion downloads from Android Market. Wow.”

Source: Android Developers
Via: GSMArena

  • Hub

    Given that 1. Nexus One does not have ICS. 2. The Samsung Galaxy S does not have ICS. 3. Lot of other phone will never see an upgrade, this is not surprising at all.

    Android fragmentation.

  • Areway

    It would be nice if my Nexus S got an OTA of Ice Cream Sandwhich from Google. My “Pure Google Phone”

    One thing Google doesn’t or can’t do is announce and release products like Apple.

    Apple products are in the hands of customers weeks after they are announced.

    Google on the other hand you just sit and wait to hear something from a third party.

    • Nick

      Time to learn to root :P. I spent 4 hours making every noob error in the world, but finally got my Nexus S to work (I’m with Koodo) and I’m bloody thrilled.

      The initial rooting is really easy, the tricky part is flashing ROMs and the new radio and stuff. Still, there are guides everywhere and the Nexus S is pretty much impossible to brick. Worst case scenario, you flash stock back onto your phone.

  • SAM



    • Areway

      Why are you yelling ?

      Nexus S does not have ICS yet since the update has been halted by Google

    • SAM

      WEIRD MINE HAVE THE ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • InfinitiGuy

      Yes, the Nexus S does have ICS. Depending on the Nexus S model, some got it earlier than others. You also have the option of loading it manually if it hasn’t come down to your device.

    • Mark


      Actually, no it does not. It was started but was stopped due to bugs and has been on hold indefinitely. Very very few Nexus S users have ICS regardless of the model.

  • Marc

    I am the 1%. I’m running ICS on both my HTC Desire and HTC Sensation.

    • Nick

      Me too and I’m loving it! On the CM9 Beta 0.3.4 right now and flash updates as they come. Super slick! I’m hoping we count in those analytics. I assume so.

  • chris

    I am the 1%

  • Netguru

    Nice to finally be in the 1% of something.

  • MrMarvelous

    Woot woot for my Galsrxy Nexus.

  • picks

    I am within the 1% as well with my xoom its too bad my amaze is still stuck in the 58% plan

  • -DTECH

    LOL I like how the 1% statistic is attained, its based on fragmented versions of ICS

    • Nick

      Imperceptibly different versions are not “fragmented”. Otherwise what do you make of iOS not even being fully supported on the iPhone 4 (i.e. Siri)? At least all the ICS features worth bragging about work on the Nexus S.

    • -DTECH

      @ Nick it was a joke, dunno about iOS since I dont own an iPhone nor do I care for them, the point is that there are 3 different versions essentially running on only 2 devices

  • Dono

    Not bad for a 2 month old OS.

    • -DTECH

      Actually as of Feb 19th it will be 4 months old…..

    • SAM



    • Mark

      Actually you’re both wrong. The Galaxy Nexus and ICS was officially announced 4 months ago, and the GN was launched in the US 2 months ago, but the first official launch was in Europe *3* months ago which was the same time the source code, which makes it 3 months old from a development standpoint.

  • Zia

    Take one device out from 250 million if my nexus s does not get ics update or if I do not hear from google on this soon. Seriously I am frustrated and why is google not letting us know “guys thanks for your patience, we are working hard and will get you ota update within 2 year time frame” or may let us sell enough galaxy nexus phones first

    • Mullwell

      This is my frustration as well. Simply not knowing what is going on with the official ICS update is making me question the ability of Google to follow up with its goals for the Nexus series of phones. Windows/Apple products are looking better every day.

  • TeamG

    Well obviously its only going to be 1% its on the DEVELOPER LINE RIGHT NOW ONLY. Nexus owners are lucky to get an early taste thats all. Its gets sent out to be tested/developed for by the community while the different companies work on their own flavor for their devices. Nothing new here, I wish most the people posting here knew something about Android, Linux, and the Open source community.

  • TeamG

    I upgrade every year to the latest Nexus line device, currently own the best phone in the world, the Galaxy Nexus. I would never own anything other then a Nexus because I am a supporter of transparency and the open source community.

    • monsterduc1000

      Hmmm…latest os version, but certainly not the best phone. Doesn`t have the best processor in Exynos, doesn`t have the best graphics chip, Doesn`t have LTE (not even dual band hspa+), pentile hd display which just lost to a shootout to the lg hd display over at gsmarena, no mass storage capability…for being the best phone it certainly doesn`t have a lot of the best stuff.

  • TeamG

    So like I said at the begining of this post, people can relax. ICS is released on the Developer line EARLY and usually has bugs and it to be tested right now/developed for. Its up to HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, etc to now take the ICS source code and develop it for their devices. When they release ICS and their updates start rolling out is the official “launch” of Android 4.0 to the general public. Please get educated and learn a bit about the Open source community before posting about something clearly most of you have no clue about.

  • TeamG

    Most the people complaining about never getting ICS are people with old devices. Its the same thing with any OS though. Iphone 3g will never have iOS 5, iphone 3GS will never have iOS 6, and so on. I am assuming those are the versions those devices are running though because I do not support Apple and companies whom are so boxed in and controlled. Also a company who will release a device knowing its crippled just to sell another version a year later.

  • TeamG

    Iphone 4 is released, and stupid people think it has 4g…NOPE. Iphone 4s gets released…still no 4g, no lte, and though it has a dual core CPU its STILL crippled because they didn’t give it enough RAM (it remained @ 512mb RAM when most if not all dual core Androids have 1gb RAM)

  • jimmyh

    TeamG, you’re forgetting that iPhones don’t run on android. Clearly you’re not that technologically inclined if you think that because android phones are adopting 1GB as the standard that apple should as well. I mean sure, the technosavvy person would probably see that as a downside but they should also realize different sofware has differnet hardware requirements.

    Look at WP7. All of those devices operate on single core chips (not because they’re stupid because they don’t need more than one core currently), but microsoft claims more fluidity/smoothness than current competition andriod devices. It’s not all about the specs. Obviosuly the extra specs would help sway consumers who are stupid and have been taught from buying computers that more/bigger numbers = better.

    While it is true to an extent, the difference could be marginal depending on platform.

  • jimmyh

    I was responding to your last post, didn’t see all the other ones till after lol. But all very valid points

  • htc

    You people need to stop bitching about late updates. If you want the latest software go to xda and start reading. That’s what we 1%’rs do and we don’t wait and b***h. Learning how to root and flash new rooms takes patience but anyone can do it. I have HTC sensation running ics 4.03 and loving it.

  • Jak

    Give the i9020a users their ICS ffs..-___-

  • Zia

    For the fans of xda and rooting. I have already read those forums and perhaps you ignored tons of complaints about phones getting bricked/wifi/3G not working etc.
    Ok even assume that everything works with rooted phones, does this mean xda developers are smarter than google? Does google not need to put their sh*t togather?

  • firzen_net

    woohoo I’m the 1% running Ice Cream Sandwich on my Motorola XT701

  • nitun

    im from canada, and im using Nexus S ( V- 2.3.4 ), Baseband version – I9020XXKD1
    and my carrier name is Mobilicity.
    my question is that, if im upgrade 2.3.4 to 4.0.3 is that have any problem after upgrade. my carrier , my data, my 3G , my wifi , my camera works well after upgrade…?
    plz help me out, im little bit scary..
    thank you

  • Aaron

    so i have the nexus s and i havent gotten the update for the new ice cream sandwich yet? is it just the model that i have to why i dont have the new os yet? and i cant find out how to install in manually