Yes, the BlackBerry PlayBook will be dropped to $149.99 (16GB and 32GB)


  • tdee

    And I got this for $500…wow

    • not2bad

      Everybody knows that the $99 playbook is coming!

      Retailers and Telcos are threatenig RIM to send the playbooks in stock back to them at RIM’s expense (They don’t sell and need they need the space for phones that sell) RIM replied with a $50 discount. The discount is “one week only” then wait another 30 days, when they can accept returns and is back on day 31.
      Early adopters paid MSRP, then 3 for $1,000;$300;$250;$199, and now $150.

      They made 1.5 million Playbooks and have sold about 800,000 you tell me what’s going to happen next. at $113 ($99 plus Tax) is a nice thin DVD player to keep at the back of the car. Mark my word Iwill get one in two months at that price, just wait for the Q4 Earnings report on March 29th!

    • A. Carmine

      I called 15 stores at 10:05-10:15 and no one had any in stock, BS…

  • mrinter

    Ok now im going to get one.

    • lol

      you can buy this

      but you may feel like an i***t in 3 months when the 7″ android tablets are $200 (or when rim gets bought and parted out, whichever comes first)

  • Hallomynameis

    Can you buy these outright from Telus or you tied down to a contract?!?

    • Jake

      No contract required. $149 outright!
      Smoking hot deal!!!

  • Matt

    You’ll probably be locked into getting some sort of service with Telus, whether it be a contract or month-to-month service. Not worth it for me.

    • Don

      It doesn’t work on their network (its not 3G) so they can’t tie you to a contract

  • Kenny

    I don’t really need or want one… but how can I resist that price!?

  • Terry

    If there’s no catch to getting it at that price, I’ll totally get one.

  • StEC

    WOW if there is no contract or catch of any sort I will be going into my local Telus tomorrow to get one!

  • Mo

    So does this mean that a newer version is only a couple of months away?

    • bummy

      MWC is happening in a week and a half.
      So yes, a new model will likely come with in matter of weeks!

      But according to the leaked RIM roadmap, seems like it’ll only be a 3G 7″ playbook. Not sure how drastic of an upgrade this will be.

  • Obstacle-Man

    Curses I picked up a $199 16GB version in December. Oh Well.

    • 99iscoming2town

      You did better than the 3PB for $1,000 crowd!

  • Bob

    They’d have to pay ME for that piece of junk!

    • Dimitri

      Haha piece of junk? Bud have you even tried to use it for a day or? IF not then do not even bother replying. I can bet anyone that makes any stupid remark like yours have never even used one & just bashing it because its not like the so called best tablet ever.. I suggest you play around with one for a day or so & then come back.

    • Boojay

      Relax…he was talking about the ipad.


    ITS A WIFI ONLY DEVICE. Its no contract people

    • Terry

      We can’t see the whole document. The playbook doesn’t need 3G, but the deal could be for new sign ups or people who get a 3G data card or something.

  • Ryan

    Can’t imagine a contract catch since it doesn’t have a network other than WiFi so there is no data plan. As somebody pointed out, yes, there is a new one expected this summer with a slightly faster processor, HSPA+ (so it will need a plan), and NFC. But the current one will get the new software releasing in a couple of weeks so this is still a huge steal.

  • mac

    3 words BUY. RIM. STOCK.

    • Dave

      Because practically paying people to take their unwanted tablets will translate into great profits?

    • 99iscoming2town

      “3 words BUY. RIM. STOCK”
      This comment its sooo 2006!

  • Adam

    I just hope I can grab one before they go out of stock!

  • kenypowa

    $500 to $399 to $299 to $199 to $149.

    Just shows you how much overstock there is for Playbook. And the new CEO still believes they are on the right track with no drastic changes needed.

    • Dimitri

      The carriers always had them as high prices. Look at Rogers. They still have the playbook for 499. If you think about it some Staples / Wal-marts & Future shop & BB have been sold out & try to order them because of the high demand because of the price as well. Telus is only dropping the price because no one will buy it from them with the high price they had it as. Even if they had it as 199 most people would buy it from FS OR BB OR Walmart.

    • Geoff

      To be completely fair, when he said “drastic changes” he was thinking “break up the company into parts and sell it” sort of drastic. Plus, technically for RIM the challenge right now is to hold on the best they can with their playbook update and the new Blackberry 7 devices. They can’t exactly scrap everything at this stage in the game.

    • 99iscoming2town

      There are more than HALF A MLLION PBs out there, some people have bought them at different price points and they pay what they want for the device. Those who paid $250 did so because they wanted one before Xmas. I am bitter about missing the Touchpad, so out of spite will get a PB, and I WANT to pay $113, not a cent more, so all I ave to do is wait no more than two months. There are so many around that it will happen. plus by the time I get one it will be ONE YR OLD! and an “odd” size for 2012 at 7″ whne you have 5″ superphones and 10″tablets.
      People that think that its more than $150 now are overrating it. Reality is speaking now.

  • PhoneScience

    Picking a 32 up now, getting the price fixed tomorrow 😀

    • Dimitri

      You need to pick one up from Telus in order to do the price change. I just contacted Best buy & Future shop near me in which they both told me ( Managers of the stores) that they will not be price matching Telus seeing as they are a carrier & not a seller like them. This could be a lie but who knows.

  • lukeiphone

    wow. Even a 32GB micro SD costs about $100 with taxes. Pay $50 more and get this instead. I bought the 64GB one though, for $299.99 and I still highly recommend this tablet. Get a blackberry and you can do a “bridge” between the two for BBM and email sharing. It is great trust me.

    • D

      Get a BlackBerry? Err… No thanks.

  • jason

    I have one and love it. way better than no name android devices and easier to use than the better android tablets. IF the new OS update gets android support you can’t get a better deal. if not for the 149 you get an excellent web surfer and movie player

  • InfinitiGuy

    See if Best Buy and FS also drop their prices and if they don’t make sure you have them do a price match +10% of the difference to beat Telus’ price.

  • ampersand

    On hold with Telus now…:)

  • Stoneraven

    is this an Ontario only thing, like we have seen in the past, or is this right across Canada?

  • chris

    This is a no-brainer. The product is worth it just for kindle or e-reading alone. Just be aware you need to spend an extra (wait for it…) $2 for the reader app.

    If you have a berry like I do (no choice…work) it’s a must. Once you read on the big screen it’s hard to concentrate reading on a BB.

  • NT Rogers2

    I am waiting for it to drop to $9.99

    • Dimitri

      You must be dreaming them because no Tablet will ever be that price.

    • Geoff

      Maybe you can get the next version of the playbook for that much… assuming it has 3g and you go on a 3 year contract.

      You can get the original game boy second hand for $5. It came out in 1989. Chances are if you wanted something rare like a Turboexpress it would cost you MORE simply because no one owns it to sell it. So I’m guessing it will be $9.99 sometime around 2030?

    • Jake

      I sell you mine used one for that price…
      …ten years from now.

  • Dimitri

    SO i called 3 other Futures shops & Best buys around Toronto & all the store managers & other reps told me that they are not going to price match it because the rules are they are not allowed to if it shows ” While qualities last” This is true i have read it under the policy as well. Sucks tho because i have a $150 giftcard from FS.

    • Kennedyk24

      well at least you can use that 150 toward another tablet or the playbook there. Too bad cuz it would be free for you.

      I used gift cards on boxing day and got the lenovo ideapad k1 for 225. 32GB storage and 10.1 screen… no complaints here.

  • bob

    $99 would be a deal. $149 is just the price that this thing should have been since the beginning given that it had no software support.

    • 99iscoming2town

      $150 includes a BB 9300 right?

    • c

      how does/did it have no software support? clarify what you mean?

  • cave johnson

    If I needed a tablet, I’d buy it. But I don’t.

  • Blair Davis

    Wow what a price. Might have to look into getting one of these now. Maybe other stores will follow.

  • brandon

    i just got my playbook nice device way better then the ipad

  • aviking

    My Dad bought a 16GB from Sears about 4 months ago for 199.00 and got a 100.00 Sears gift card so he basically got it for 99 bucks.

    • 99iscoming2town

      No he didn’t!
      He paid $224 (taxes) and got a $100 card for a total price of $124.
      The REAL $99 PB are coming in 60 days or less.

  • John Player

    Are you able to stream movies and play flash on playbook?

    • Canadian Resident

      Yup it supports Adobe Flash via the web browser. But for video streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. There is no such app on the BB World Store. But rumors has Netflix may eventually be coming with BB Playbook OS 2.0.

  • Nick

    Maybe I should get the 32GB version and give my mom the 16GB version.

    What’s the return policy at Telus? What if they push back the release of OS2.0?

  • Canadian Resident

    Can you buy is sale online when it goes live tomorrow? Or only for in-store? I don’t have a chance otherwise…

    • stalemate

      The webstore points you to local outlets. Apparently nothing available online.

  • M1K3Z0R

    Having mixed feelings about this. Price is alright, but my past experiences with the playbook OS have been rather unflattering. It does come with more productivity oriented apps though, which is what I find lacking with tablets in general

  • mike

    Quick question. Can this tablet use Adobe Connect to do online classes?

  • DS

    7″ tablets are dumb.


    • Kennedyk24

      just because you have no need for it does not make it dumb. I know plenty of people who use it on the go and 7″ is perfect for portability. some by choice some because they have to but perfect for their needs nonetheless.

  • CrazyHammer

    I just called Telus in Newmarket. She had no idea about this deal but doesn’t have any in stock anyway. She said as far as she was aware it was a discontinued product, that is why she has no stock. She looked all around the area and only found 3 in stock in Scarborough town center. Nothing at Vaughan mills etc. Annoys me when they do this put something on sale then not have any stock.
    She suggested you go buy one today at $199, don’t open it then return it tomorrow for full refund and buy the same one you returned for $149. That way you can be sure you get one in stock.

  • Bear

    Called my dealer – price in the computer is $149 but no stock anywhere. Called Telus – no idea what I was talking about. Did offer to ship me a 32GB for $299 tho.

  • Dennis

    I just inquired about this deal with Telus and it appears this web page is BOGUS information.

    Telus is NOT hnouring this deal

  • HTCmachine

    I just called a bunch of stores in Vancouver and none of their staff knows anything about this sale.

  • jacob

    sale is not on yet…return policy 14 days….

  • cheenachatze

    Is RIM releasing new models with OS 2.0 or are they killing this tablet altogether? I hope they don’t kill it, since the hardware is excellent, inside and out.

    • Jake

      The new CEO said clearly that they will NOT be discontinuing the PlayBook.
      Which leads me to believe a new model will be coming out shortly.

  • Zane

    I just spoke to a Telus store manager in downtown Toronto who says this “sale” is a complete lie. Comments?

  • Malevolent

    To be honest I actually use my playbook more than my ipad for most things. I really like how portable it is, using BBM on it, how smooth it runs and how easy it is to type on. I find many websites work better on it than my ipad. Now reading books are better on the ipad.

  • hybrid_gill

    just called the Telus store in downtown Vancouver on Robson and she was like yeah its true. So i paid a deposit and will be picking up my 32GB tablet tomorrow

  • Joe

    So if I buy a playbook now, will I be able to migrate to the new QNX O/S when it is available?

    • Jake

      Yes, all existing PlayBooks will be upgradeable to OS 2.0

    • bummy

      Playbook had ALWAYS been QNX.

  • Boojay

    The most important question of all….will Cyanogen bring Android to the Playbook?

  • Steve

    Did anyone achieve to run portable PPStream on playbook successfully?

  • stalemate

    Reserved a 32Gb at Telus counter near my Workplace in Montreal. They were still at 300$. Only 2 left. No more 16Gb.

    Going to call in early as they open tomorrow to confirm the price and make sure they hold on to it until I get there at lunch.

  • Ben Dover

    Irresponsible reporting by mobilesyrup. It’s just as bad as boy genius reports.

  • Terry

    Its funny to me that these devices “used” has sellers asking in most cases WAAAAAAY more then $150… Makes me wonder if its becuase people have invested too much money on this device and don’t want to take a loss, or that it may be good enough to actually be worth what BB was charging for through its earlier retailer discounts. $150 new or #350 used?? I just picked mine up 20 minutes ago. I win!!

  • Terry

    *** IF this thing actually goes on sale… Sure wish someone could clarify what’s going on.

  • wirelezz

    LOL TELUS is out of stock Everywhere ! only 2 in stock at Eaton Centre . GIMICK.
    I foud only one store chain that is matching , they started a new policy and there matching .

  • Darthvader

    Hah.. my CM9 running $150 32GB Touchpad still beats the s**t outta this “deal” 😀

    All jokes aside tho.. this is still a steal if u missed out on the Touchpads.

  • zaman

    The Telus dealer in my area broke down and sold me a 32 GB today for $149, now we have two! Yes, it is true people, go and get them while they last!

  • mario83

    dang, i just bought one (16gb) at best buy for 199, but given how most people cant find them at telus stores in the comments, it doesnt bother me, 199 for 16gb is still a good deal, a kobo vox only has 8gb and has a slower processor……and hopefully 2.0 comes out this month

  • Gogo

    This is fake I called telus and they have no clue about it

  • Henry

    I love my playbook! It’s a great device. More will be enjoying them soon at this fantastic price! Good luck and enjoy folks!

  • Craig Pakkala

    Wait for them to go on sale for $99 … its funny how at 199 they still werent selling … save yourself the headache and get an asus transformer or 10.1

    • Jake

      There obviously won’t be any left at this price.
      Good luck finding one at $99. Maybe a few years from now you can pick up a used one on ebay for that price.

  • Anthony

    Just called a couple of Telus stores in Toronto and they both told me that there’s no stock in any of the GTA area stores. Their website shows it at $149 but you can’t order online (unlike with other tablets) so good luck finding one. I’m sure they’re out there, but it looks like you’ll spend a lot of time trying to find one. Might not be worth the hassle to save $50 depending on what’s involved.

    • Night Owl

      Yep, absolutely no stock at the Scarborough Town Ctr., Pickering Town Ctr., Ajax, and the Oshawa Ctr. The latter two sold out right after store opening.

  • Ray

    I love how any comment against RIM automatically gets down voted on this site. All the angry fanboy are still in denial.

  • nmart

    We went to an Ottawa TELUS, and they wondered how we knew about the sale, but she did confirm it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t set one aside. In the whole Ottawa/Ottawa valley area, there are a grand total of 9 – 32GB Playbooks left. They 16GB are sold out.
    My bf is a BB fan, I’m an Apple fan…but having used the Playbook, I think I’ll be using his until I buy an ipad

  • armrob

    Telus store in downtown montreal has them in stock but couldnt buy one. 1st guy i talked to was about to sell me one and another one comes and says no we cant sell because some people already reserved them. i asked : all of them ? he said yes. i asked : did they pay for them yet ? no. but he will not sell and tells me to come back in a few days in case the people dont pickup.
    its clear they are holding them to resell later at a higher price, shamefull !
    this is why you pay a premium for apple products. no such b.s. !

  • Ugh

    Called all 3 stores in Sudbury, Ontario – they’re all out of stock. None of them have received playbook shipments in weeks.

    • want2

      haha i just called all sudbury stores too. nothing.

  • kb2755

    None at Conestoga or Fairview malls in Waterloo

  • want2

    walmart will match

  • JB

    Sold out at all TO locations, Blacks Camera is also running this deal.

  • stalemate

    Got mine. There was only one 32Gb left in Montreal after I got it.

  • Bigdawg

    Best Buy Eaton centre matched price for me this morning.

  • abcd

    bestbuy gave pricematch at brampton

  • CoryB

    For those that are looking at not able to find one you may have luck with a price match at Staples. I know first hand some people got them this way in Winnipeg.

  • Canucks4Life

    FYI 32GB model is on Telus team webstore as well for $149.99…just ordred mine.

  • Plumsmigillicutty

    Just picked up a 32gig.

  • Zane

    What a great strategy by Telus, in getting their “leak” to Mobile Syrup. Dozens of sites reposted the news from MS, the twitterverse, forums, and the FB world all went nuts.Telus sold out their dust-gathering stock of PBs in minutes. Genius!

  • Stoneraven

    just picked mine up here in southern Alberta, updating now. Couldn’t seem to find any in Calgary, but I here ther’s one left in High River Alberta…

  • Pizzabox

    At this point you cannot trust RIM, at $99 they will sellout. Still if I bought one at $499, at least a refund on the difference? Alot of people are making $ on the stock, buy and dump. Truly, RIM still needs a CEO with the ability to take risk and explore the art and design of technology with agressive execution. RIM if lucky will partner like Nokia in order to survive.

  • salsabalsa

    my husband has been searching around Edmonton, everyone is sold out, some managers started selling the PB last night for the $149 deal, crappy… low blow by Telus to advertise but not have stock and then to sell them before the 3rd, go figure…

  • monkeyincowtown

    I just got back from Best Buy where they price matched Telus and I got the 32g for $139.99

  • Tina

    Staples here in Mt. Pearl, NL, price matched the Telus for me on a 32g.

  • want2

    my walmart would not match because our telus store had not stock.

    our staples did not match. they got an email sent from head office this morning at 10:35 am stating they will not honour a price match on the telus playbook deal.

    saw the email myself.

  • John

    This is BS. There is no stock at any stores or at their head office. They are trying to hget you into the store to sell you Android products.

  • Ugh

    FutureShop told me they would pricematch over the phone.

    When my wife showed up in person they jerked her around and them told her they wouldn’t pricematch due to the “While quantities last” on the Telus website.

    There is a reason I do my absolute best not to shop at FS.

  • Craig Drevant

    Don’t bother looking. Telus have very low inventory so this sale is a bit of a scam!!! Future shop’s lowest price gaurantee isn’t much of a gaurantee as they will not match this price. Too low even for them….

  • hallway

    $499.99 to $149.99? Hmm, so this is another part of being samsunged.

  • Carrefour

    Futureshop told me they’d price match the 16GB, but $199 for the 32GB. While I was in the store they took all the 32 GB models out of the glass case.

  • want2

    staples said the same thing about the “while quantities last” as they don’t price match on items stated as such.

    our futureshop says they will try to find a telus playbook to sell at that price, but won’t sell their stock at that price?

    anyways… finding a playbook for me… fail.

  • unhappy Telus customer

    I was unfortunate enough to be in line at the Telus store at the Rideau Centre. There were about 15 of us who were cheesed off to learn that they had presold them the day before. Feeling like we were duped, and reasonably upset about it, the manager got a bit nervous and called security. Soon we were surrounded by a half dozen mall security.

    All in all, it was a poorly run marketing program by Telus, creating more upset customers than loyal ones.

  • Mat

    This is the biggest bs ever, they just announced it and they are already soldout accross the board??? BS!!! Telus is just doing this to bring customers into their stores.

  • tram

    Just picked a 32 up in Victoria BC at the Walmart on Langford parkway. the last place in Vic that has it in stock and will price match i believe.

  • anom

    sold out already..

    taken off website

  • NKA

    I went to the Telus store at Square One before they open the store and they didn’t have any, only two stores had total 2 PB in Brampton and Mississauga.

    I believe this is kind of a Marketing gimmick.

    Cheep Telus!!!

  • sensible

    No one can be serious bashing the playbook at $149. Wifi only yes. Still more powerful and better for movies, games, web browsing etc. than any blackberry that people are paying $599 outright for.

  • JF

    I just grabbed the last three 32 GB at Langley FutureShop on price match for my friends. No problem to get a match there.

  • marius

    i got best buy mobile to price match in Hamilton at limeridge mall

    • K Men

      Hey, what time did you price match a limeridge mall? I hope they still have stock, I was looking to getting this as a gift for my friend

  • Andrew

    I got a 16GB $199 and am quite happy, but $149 for a 32GB is ridiculous, it’s TouchPad mania all over again. Good job to those who snagged one.

  • c0bra

    I was able to grab the last three 32 GB Playbooks at Walmart in Brantford for me and my family. I’m glad I printed the Telus deal before they removed it from their website since it appears to be gone now.

  • Bill

    Stop telling people Telus is selling playbooks at $149. They dont have any its a scam!!

  • Bill

    Stop telling people Telus is selling the playbook at $149. They don”s have any other that the 64G which stay at $299!

  • frod

    futureshop pricematched for me in bc after telus said it would take a few days to get one in–yipee, now to wait for the os update

  • frod west

    futureshop pricematched for me when i walked in yipee!

  • BalouQc

    got mine (32Gb)at Telus friday morning at 149$, actually even less, the girl there was also pushing accessories to me saying the first one would get me 10% off and the 2nd 20% off my purchases. I only took the PB and then she told me after tallying up my purchase, that the PB itself counted as an accessorie! So I got 10% off on top!

  • JackR

    Saw this on Friday on redflagdeals and spent a couple of hours calling around to Telus, FS, Best Buy, The Source, Wal-Mart, Costco, and dealers of PB in Barrie and surrounding area. No one had heard of this deal, and two they won’t price match. So, I’m not saying it was a lost leader, but as someone pointed out, it was poorly conducted on Telus’s part and feels like the back end of scam to me. Not bitter, since I already have a Archos unit that works great, but it’s crappy to release something like this info to the general public, and then have zero stock in your stores.

  • JulianoS

    I got one on Friday at 149.99 from Bureauengros (Staples)… They matched the price! At 150$ it’s a great tablet! Now in a few days the new OS!!! If it doesn’t meet the expectations (the new OS I mean) then I will root it and get the Android Market. By the way, it dissapeared from the Telus website. I guess it is sold out already. 🙂

  • QueBall

    Orders from the webstore are being cancelled today:
    Time of order: Order sent at 7:25 AM (GMT-05:00) Fri, Feb 3, 2012


    Please be advised that your order for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet has been cancelled and refunded (allow up to 3 business days to be completed) as this was a limited quantity offer and stock was depleted before your order could be fulfilled. We have kept your contact information on file and you will be notified of similar Webstore sales in future. Please reply to this email if you would like to be removed from this distribution list.

    Please contact us at 1-866-488-2709 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm EST) or should you have any further questions.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


    Nous vous informons que votre commande pour la tablette « BlackBerry Playbook » a été annulée et remboursée sur votre carte de crédit (veuillez noter que le remboursement peut prendre jusqu’à 3 jours ouvrables). Cette offre d’une quantité limitée est arrivée à épuisement de stock avant que votre commande puisse être envoyée.

    Nous allons conserver vos coordonnées dans notre base de données et nous vous informerons des ventes similaires à l’avenir. Merci de répondre à ce courriel si vous souhaitez être retiré de cette liste de distribution.

    N’hésitez pas à nous contacter au 1-866-488-2709 (du lundi au vendredi , 9am -9pm HNE) ou alors nous envoyer un courriel à si vous avez d’autres questions.

    Nous vous remercions de votre patience et de votre compréhension.


    EPP Webstore
    Toll Free/Sans frais. 1.866.488.2709
    TELUS | the future is friendly | le futur est simple®

  • carol

    my ordered from friday was cancelled. just got an email from telus that there is no more inventory. Bad business practice TELUS!

  • Canucks4Life

    Yup same here…such BS.

    Please be advised that your order for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet has been cancelled and refunded (allow up to 3 business days to be completed) as this was a limited quantity offer and stock was depleted before your order could be fulfilled. We have kept your contact information on file and you will be notified of similar Webstore sales in future. Please reply to this email if you would like to be removed from this distribution list. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.