Video: Android Ice Cream Sandwich statue arrives on Google’s lawn

Ian Hardy

October 13, 2011 7:29pm

Everything seems to be aligning correctly for the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Samsung and Google have finally re-scheduled their anticipated “Something Big Is Coming” event to October 19th, which will hopefully reveal the Nexus Prime. Now to really cap things off the ceremonial Android statue has arrived on Google’s lawn! Over the years Google has showed a fun side with each new OS release: Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and now a brand spanking new Ice Cream Sandwich statue has found its place… only a matter of days now. Check out the video

Source: YouTube
Via: Android Central

  • Karthik

    Looks and sounds amazing. Great idea of putting it on there lawn whoever thought about it.

  • BoB


  • tremSr

    haha imagine the workmans comp form if you got injured by a falling ice cream sandwich android robot statue!

  • Andy

    I call Jelly Bean for the next OS release.

    • cellcon

      i call Jesus-Juice

  • Richard

    A few more Android versions and they’re going to run out of space… LOL! Fortunately there’s only one major release every year.

  • Dom

    I love Googs:)

  • googs

    who wants a $hit sandwich?

    • Darryl Livingstone

      Who wants your useless, foul-mouthed opinion? ‘No one’ is the correct answer, loser.

  • Cave Johnson

    Gimme Exynoss 1.5gHz in the Prime and I’ll buy 🙂

  • Al

    i like how they showed the nexus S taking a picture of hte ICS (or is it the new nexus prime used by google employees!)

  • keiYUI

    So if Google makes so much money how come they can’t maintain their lawn? lol..

  • Smitty

    That looks positively delicious…

  • Ben W

    How come they never used Gummy Bear as one of the names! lol

  • monsterduc1000

    @ googs: “who wants a $#!+ sandwich?” About a million people who pre-ordered the iFlop 4s.

  • chall2k5

    MMmmmmmm ICS

  • Derek

    Fandroids play with dolls on the front lawn, Apple users line up to purchase the most advanced phone, with the best user experience on the planet.

    • Cliff

      Then shouldn’t you be in line with the other r*****s who took the day off work…are losing money by doing so…and are about so spend $800 on “the most advanced phone…” ?

  • Derek

    No Cliff I’m far to busy and successful running my own business, I pre-ordered my phone online. (its awesome btw)

    I know you Fandroids will never understand the concept of a line, I mean who wants to rush out and buy those pieces of s**t Android phones?

    Enjoy Fragmentation and watching people play with the lawn furniture.

    • John

      Maybe you should be doing some actual work instead of dicking around on a phone website at 11am…

    • JFrosty

      Fragmentation is normal. Just look at human cultures. What are you, interested in only one superior culture? Sieg heil!

  • Turbo

    Enjoy your new android inspired features.