Bell Motorola ATRIX upgrade to OS 2.3.4 now available to download

Ian Hardy

August 25, 2011 5:11pm

Bell Motorola ATRIX users are reporting that the upgrade to OS 2.3.4 Gingerbread is now available. So if you have this “all powerful” Superphone and want the update, check settings > about phone > system software updates > check now.

Please let us know how you like the upgrade!

(Thanks Jean for the pic and to everyone who sent this!)

  • laweege

    downloading it right now. will let you know how it goes

  • EmperumanV

    Awesome sauce. Wonder how it improves the phone by battery and performance.

  • james

    I’ve been looking for the update and the handset keeps displaying its up to date

  • Rick Lowes

    Hmm…just checked mine and says it’s “up to date” – maybe they’re rolling it out on a staggered basis. Will have to check again later.

  • cody

    I’m impressed Motorola

  • Nigel H

    Hmmm…have checked several times and no update for me. 🙁

    Patience is not one of my best attributes!

    C’mon update!

  • Patric

    Montréal -Pour le moment, j ai le message “Votre appareil est à jour” Je suis a 2.2.2.

  • 0defaced


    i’m waiting for my water-to-wine…

    • stalemate

      The Gingerbread update and unlocked bootloader were announced by Motorola Mobility before Google proposed acquiring it.

  • laweege

    ok install successful. funny i didn’t have to look for the update it kept popping up on my screen all afternoon. just had to wait to get home to plug in and use wifi.
    looks good so far just started playing notification bar is nice and it added 4 new widgets or icons to the home page. one is the dialer one is email the apps launcher is now square and not centered plus a browser that launches instantly.
    i really like the new colours as well so far so good

  • George Jia

    I just checked and it still says your device is up to date. sad…

  • laweege

    one more little thing the social widget where you get all your facebook and twitter feeds is really great. it scrolls up in tiles one rolls in as one rolls out. very nice. bigger, easier to read and much faster. don’t know if that is blur or gingerbread but i like it.

  • Nicole

    Gr.. still “up to date” for me and my bf here in BC. Good thing I have wifi here at work if and when it does come in!

  • EmperumanV

    Wonder if it has video capability for GTalk. If someone has it already i.e. the update, please post regarding overall performance and battery life.

    • emma

      yes it does. 🙂

  • Tbone

    still saying that my phone is up to date as well..oi..Oh well Ive waited this long, suppose a few more hours or so wont hurt lol

  • Mehran

    still “up to date” for me here in Calgary

  • JohnNS

    Very nice. Whole thing went smooth for me. Now to play around and get used to 2.3.4!

  • GuiSim

    Still “up to date” in Québec City.

  • ken

    No update for me. Niagara region. Still says up to date. Cannot wait though

  • Dezzo

    As of about 8pm here in Halifax, the update is still not available.

    Anyone here able to post the release notes for the update?

    • Wil

      just finishing installing mine, Dezzo. I have no idea what’s going on with the delays, but I got mine last night around 6.

  • EmperumanV

    No update here in Richmond Hill, ON

  • stealth

    As of 8:03 here in New Brunswick, still nada!!!! Come on update…been waiting for this for quite some time. Hope it lives up to all the hype!!!

  • Rob

    What if I’ve rooted? Will it brick my phone?

    • 0defaced

      yes rob, you’re screwed…..

      okay you’re not, i’m f*****g with you. you’ve voided your warranty by rooting, so you wont get an official 100% answer, but i highly doubt it would brick your phone.

  • Keith

    Downloading now… Also rooted and also unlocked. Hope all works well.

    • Ronaldo

      let us know what happens!!!!

  • Joe

    I installed the France Gingerbread and it increased battery life and the phone felt a lot faster. The blue notification bar and transparency of the pull down was a very nice touch.

  • Joe

    If you are rooted, DON’T INSTALL THE OTA UPDATE, or you will brick your phone

    • Keith

      How do you know, Joe? This is pretty important.

  • mayhem

    I got it… seems to work fine for some reason it is a little slow at times.. maybe a bug that’ll be fixed soon.. i guess GoogleMoto is after all a good thing..

  • Gary

    I have an unlocked Bell atrix, but live in the U.S. Is there anyway I can manually download and install the Update? Motorola has the old one up, maybe I have to wait a while.

    • Danny

      Might just have to wait. Motorola should put it up soon!

  • Gary

    I have an unlocked Bell atrix and was wondering if the update can be manually downloaded from a website and installed of an SD card? I live in the U.S and won’t be back in Canada for a while.

  • No_Atrix)Update_Yet

    There is no update in Toronto 9:31PM

  • WhyNoUpdateForAtrix

    Still no update here in the GTA. Come on Bell!

  • Joe

    XDA will have a deodexed zipaligned version soon, with other tweaks and improvements, if you are unlocked and rooted you should wait for that release..

    • Keith

      Thanks Joe, I went through with it and it worked fine. Lost my root of course but everything else is working fine. Had a home screen launcher but hadn’t unlocked the bootloader or installed a custom ROM. Still works fine with my carrier and everything else seems to be in working order. Like the tweaks but not a huge difference so far.

  • Mark


    I was rooted with Gingerbreak. I used the same program to unroot before I installed and everything went smoothly. Not saying you have to do that, but that’s what I did.

    Note that, for me, the unroot process erased my sdcard (the internal one) but left the sdcard-ext in tact.

    I tried re-rooting with Gingerbreak and it didn’t work. Haven’t figured out how to root it again (yet).

  • SgtEddieWinslow

    just installed the update. so far i really like it motoblur is less intrusive and ugly. Swiftkey X finally works with the resolution. nicer looking icons, seems to be faster. and the new color scheme is nice too

  • SgtEddieWinslow

    does anyone know if the goole talk Video chat works for this update? haven’t been able to test it.

  • KingK

    Updated here in London, Ontario.

    So much for people saying Motorola won’t have any updates. That’s two already.

  • Ted

    Any word on video? 1080p vs 720p? Skype video calls?

  • Pierce

    In the Hamilton area – I’m still seeing the “up to date” message…

    C’mon Bell push it to everyone!

  • lanlanb

    Montreal – 12:59am up to date…gonna keep trying! As with everyone else, been anxiously waiting for this update.

  • pierce

    Seems to me they’re pushing the update to smaller market areas first to ensure any unforseen glitches have as minimal an effect as possible should they arise. Once that’s done they’ll probably begin pushing the update to the GTA and other larger market areas. Either way they’re not going to be doing anything more tonight so lets see what happens tomorrow.

  • trendless

    Tiny market here (north eastern BC). No update here yet. 🙁

  • Mehran

    According to @Motorola_CA twitter “the Android 2.3 upgrade is in testing phase and will be rolling out soon. We’ll keep you posted!”, so I guess in next 48 hours everybody will get update

  • Mark

    Ted – Post update, my highest video resolution option is 720p.

  • Rick Morayniss

    8:15 AM in the GTA, still no update.

  • kevy

    Montreal 8:15am…still up to date at 2.2.2

  • gbo

    Fredericton, NB – Still no update

  • EmperumanV

    Still no update here in Richmond Hill.

  • sid

    Edmonton 730 am no update.

  • Eric

    I spoke with a Bell and Motorola representative yesterday, and no push is available, the update its not for this time ?? I’m very confuse !

  • TwitchSTI

    7:54am Calgary – still nodda

  • George Jia

    Still nothing yet, 10:40am GTA

  • mayhem

    i got mine while am in east africa

  • pierce

    Motorola canada(motorola_ca) tweeting that the update is still in testing phase… Either there’s some kind of disconnect between the guys running the moto CA twitter account and the guys pushing the update… or part of the testing phase is pushing the update to a small percentage of devices to start. Either way we’ll have to see what the next few days will bring, because the majority of us don’t have the update and motorola has not confirmed they are finally pushing 2.3.

    • emma

      it is probably testing the OTA upgrade to smaller markets first, before it pushes out to everyone.

  • george jia

    Still nothing at Mississauga

  • jason

    Still didn’t get the OTA 🙁

  • Kevin Thom

    I’m sure we’ll get it soon. I’d rather they figure out if there are any major problems before I have to experience them myself! 😛 The good news is that it’s almost here. I’d be interested in knowing anyone’s experience installing it on a rooted phone.

  • Joe

    I’m in toronto, and still nothing here.

  • Tony

    Keeps saying, Up to date.

  • Reterp

    GTA still no update

  • M.J.

    Im in Windsor Ontario and theres no update here. Ive been waiting and waiting for the update very anxiously. Sort of getting tired. I really hope they release it soon.

  • pierce

    For the people who have gotten the update: What city are you in?

  • laweege

    @pierce just outside of the gta and as i said in an earlier post i didn’t have to look for an update it kept popping up on my phone all afternoon.
    maybe there doing the updates first come first serve i bought my phone the day it launched back in February. just a thought

  • M.J.

    Hmm, I dont know if they would go through the trouble of pinpointing and sending individual or grouped updates. Usually everybody will get it within a day. But this is obsurd how can only a couple of people get the update. To peops who have the update, is it running smooth or is there any glitches? Because I can’t wait any longer for this. Its beeb months with this almighty superphone and we deserve the update already. So I hope this is the official release and there not still testing.

  • Pierce

    @laweege Maybe rather than it being based on location it’s being pushed to a small group of phones that were activated the earliest then… Either way as far as Motorola is concerned this update is still in “testing phase” so for those who got it early consider yourselves lucky. For everybody else continue being patient I guess.

  • kevy

    Montreal 5:30pm still no update. I got my phones on launch day March 17…so I don’t think it has anything to do with when you bought your phone.

  • Pierce

    @kevy Then it must be completely random then. Oh well I was hoping for gingerbread this weekend…

  • Kevin Thom

    Yeah everyone needs to chill a bit. This is something we didn’t even know about until this morning, so waiting even a few days for it to be released widely is not a big deal… especially if it means it will be more solid and reliable when we finally do get it.

  • No_Atrix)Update_Yet

    Toronto still nothing … Mobile Syrup must have a test model from MOTO … or dev version.

  • Keith

    Wow, reading these updates I feel pretty fortunate. I’m in Ottawa/Nepean and got the update. Everything appears to be working fine. Now that I have it I’m not sure why I was anticipating it so much… There are some nice UI enhancements and battery/RAM saving tweaks but overall much the same. No integrated SIP calling unfortunately. I think the Motoblur is much better but I’ve been using Go Launcher Ex anyway… Glad that this should be in the pipes for everyone soon though.

  • Mod

    In Ontario here with the Atrix. No update yet, but looking forward to getting my hands on the update. Frickin hell! Hurry up bell!

  • Geoff

    updated in New Brunswick near Saint John, love the update so far, every change has been for the better in my opinion

    • Jean-Paul

      St John NB? Wow I am in Moncton NB and no update yet 🙁 oh well soon I hope 🙂

  • Chris Wiley

    Anyone know when I should expect the 2.3.4 update in Niagara?

  • Tidings M

    Edmonton, AB nothing – what do I need to do drive out to a starbucks in timbuktoo to get one. We waited too long for something that shouldn’t have taken as long.

    And for those that think waiting is cool, you’re what is wrong with the world – conformist. You pay more than Americans but are okay with less service. My other phone is a Nexus S, so not too broken up. But still 😉

  • Givver

    Still no update in GTA

  • pierce

    Well they probably aren’t going to be pushing the update this weekend… business hours, ya know. If you dont have it by now I wouldn’t bother worrying about it until at least monday…

  • Mike

    In South western ontairo seems to be no update still.. wonder how long it’ll take for this to take effect nation wide

  • twitchsti

    If my Atrix doesn’t get gingerbread by end of next week – as Bell promised on their little release date (end of summer, then I’m switching to a BB 9900 or Galaxy SII.

  • kevy

    I was in Halifax around noon on the 27th and no update. Tried again a few hours later in Ottawa and still no update. Several times I got the message “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later”.

    6:30am Montreal 28Aug I get the same message with an occasional “up to date” msg.

  • Tidings M

    @ Kevy, with all your travels- should have hit all the small towns in between, you’d be a smily face now LOL.

    @ Pierce, voice of reason means nothing to the mob. If were checking for updates in our sleep, on a sunday – we are HUNGRY!!!! If its not available first thing Monday, there’ll be a lunch party lol.

  • Sparro

    I was downtown Toronto at the CNE all day yesterday. I was checking for the update every hour and still nothing. I go all around Durham Region, Richmond Hill, Aurora. Nothing. Checked again Sunday morning and still tells me i’m up to date. I want Gingerbread… how much longer do we gotta wait!

  • Jonathan Carter

    Mine still says up to date too. Can I download it manually somewhere and put it on my SD card like Motorola did for AT&T users?

    • Jean-Paul

      Jonathan not that i know of, the only one I am aware of is for AT&T customer’s in the US. Anxiously awaiting the update here in Moncton NB 🙂

  • Jody

    No update yet here in Grande Prairie,Ab.

  • Nanfoodle

    Been checking for updates for a few days. No updates in Nova Scotia yet.

  • TheOnlyZirian

    I am gonna wait till middle of this week, otherwise I will sort of make noise at Bell/Motorola and somehow make it advantageous to me, like I did with the supposed release of Froyo for the HTC Legend. Ended up getting a Desire Z for free.

  • jongie

    Mobile syrup really dropped the ball on this one…In no way is the update for the atrix available to download. Get your facts straight next time.

  • lanlanb

    Over 3 data and still waiting. Nice tease as*****s!

  • lanlanb

    *days. Adam auto :p

  • lanlanb


  • Tyler

    No update for me in Vancouver yet 🙁

  • Rick Morayniss

    Still no update in the GTA

  • Martin

    Still nothing in edmonton

  • StuartInAlberta

    Strange, is all I can say — I’ve upgraded in Edmonton. But my girlfriend’s Atrix is still in limbo — we bought them the same day, same outlet, same package, and no notifications, etc. For my part, I started getting messages on Thursday. Had some problems (the process meter went to 73% downloaded and then stopped — so, I turned it off and it re-started when I turned it back on; then, had to do the same thing during the installation). That said, the new version is sweet. Faster, lots of fixes. I likes it.

  • kevy

    1:30pm Montreal…still no update, but for the past couple of hours when I check for the update I get “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

  • Benny

    No update yet here either, Edmonton, AB.
    Been waiting since MobileSyrup announced this on Thursday….way to go….make sure you have your facts straight before you make annoucements next time. Not impressed, I would have prefered not to know at all.

  • carola

    No update for me either in Toronto!

  • Mehran

    Check your phone for new update, mine got notification finally (in Calgary)

  • Sebastian

    What Mehran said, the update is now available in Montreal but I had to check for it.

  • It’s here

    Update downloading in Toronto…

  • TwitchSTI

    Just got mine (in calgary)!!

  • Michael

    Currently downloading update now in St. John’s Newfoundland, after checking about once an hour for the past few days.

  • Nicole

    Updating in Kelowna, BC as we speak!

  • Nanfoodle

    Nova Scotia Canada and I am downloading the update on my wife’s phone and mine! Ooo ya!

  • Corey

    Downloading now too, northern ontario

  • It’s here

    Completed successfully.

  • norm

    Downloading update right now in burlington. Update notification came on once activated wifi.

  • scott

    Downloading after wifi activated in woodstock,ON. Finally! Agreed it would have been better to know this was in the ‘testing’ phase on Thursday so I didn’t keep checking on the weekend but at least it’s downloading.

  • kevy

    6:30pm Montreal…downloading update now…

  • Joe

    Manual check initiated the upgrade in Vancouver.

  • Givver

    Downloading now in GTA

  • lanlanb

    96 hours later from notification, and update finally rolling in–Montreal.

  • Tyler

    Downloading now in Vancouver! . . .slowly

  • carola

    Yeah install done toronto 🙂 love improved keypad

  • mufftuff

    Regina sk available!

  • kevy

    OK, downloaded and installed on first phone with no hiccups. Second phone downloading now. It seemed to take a bit long during the post install restart but I left it and it was fine.

    Lots of nice little visual tweaks so far. I use LauncherPro and it still works fine. Just one item so far – I use SwitchPro and the function to “lock screen” (same as pressing the power button) no longer works. Unfortunately using that function is my attempt to prolong the life of the power button as I turn my screen on and off dozens of times per day and I liking turning the screen off without having to wear out the button.

    Final note – good job Bell! Phone out for a bit over 5 months and 2 updates and Android to 2.3.4 to boot. Happy.

  • Hiccup

    I noticed you can filter accounts now the contact list. When I choose corporate sync ( against Hotmail [its configed correctly or was before update]) that it doesn’t show any contacts anymore. As well old text messages are gone.

    Anyone else? Turn off all address books but corporate sync do you see your Hotmail contacts?

  • EmperumanV

    Downloading here in Richmond Hill, ON. Does anyone know if it has video support for Gtalk?

  • Hiccup

    after disabling and enabling contacts in corp sync several times and after removing and adding it, finally it completed syncing my contacts. All is well again now. Loving Gingerbread.

  • Ben

    any word on being able to unlock the bootloader??

  • Reterp

    Im rooted and after i downloaded the OTA and the manual update from the Moto servers, the phone doesnt accept the update, all i get is the infamous android !! screen………..Thanks bell.

  • EmperumanV

    Love the new update, looks so fresh and such. Better battery too. Not sure if anyone realized but it has the screen S Off like the Nexus S does.

  • Patric

    Montréal -la mise est disponible. / update is avalaible.

  • Tidings M

    The gods of Motorola finally let us get the update, and it is GOOOOOOOD. Now I know why it took them a whole year to let it rain on our poor Canadian selves. It is awesome.

    • kevy

      Waited a year? The Canadian Bell Atrix launched on March 17…

  • Pat Gira

    I’ve been trying to download it ever since i read this but my phone keeps telling me i already have the latest software. A little help anyone

  • Brian

    Got the update last night HFX…awsome!!!

  • Tony

    Seems to be taking a long time to download? What can I expect once finished?

    • Jean-Paul

      take almost 90 mins from start to finish

  • Justin

    No video chat with the new updat???wtf?

  • Vector

    It’s a little slow at going between pages and the notifications are laggy

  • Don

    Loaded mine on Aug. 30. My contacts tripled. The battery life is terrible, and it crashed once. Anyone else having problems like this?

    • Jean-Paul

      Since the update, my battery doesn’t last as long. I noticed a big difference 🙁

  • john

    just updated. colours and everything look much nicer.
    Wondering if anyone else has issues with WIFI on a secure network (home network) I get the connecting bit, but it times out every time trying to acquire IP address??? Anyone have any ideas?

    • kevy

      After the update, my phone connects to my home network so much quicker than before. I use a MAC address filter on my home network and I thought that was the cause for taking 25-30 seconds to connect. After the update, it connects within 3 seconds. Try unplugging the power cord of your router for 10 seconds…then plug it back in and try again.

  • Harry

    Hi all

    I know that people like to be bleeding edge, but I got my phone in September 2011 and figuring “Updating is the best thing to always do”, I’m now at 2.2.4 and how can I be pleased?

    They’ve totally changed the interface, and there are a lot of things that will promote battery drain, such as the menus typically are black text on white background — I liked white text on black background — better for the eyes too.

    Is there a way I can reverse my update and downgrade back to the original vanilla 2.2.xx original version that my phone shipped with?