Nokia 6750 lands at Rogers for $99.99 on 3-year


November 26, 2009 8:11am

nokia6750The Nokia 6750 is available at Rogers for $99.99 on a 3-year contract. There are few features that make this device unique as it’s being hailed as a phone that’s “inspired by the shape of the human body”.

First, the 6750 is a flip phone that has a chrome all the way around it. In other countries this is called the “Mural” as the exterior lights up like a rainbow in different colours (blue, orange, pink, green, purple and red) so you can customize it to your liking. The overall dimensions are 97 x 47 x 16 mm and weighs in at 111 grams and there are 2 screens, an external (resolution of 128 x 160) which shows your messages, caller display, time battery and signal strength… and the internal screen which is 2.2 inches and has a resolution of 240×320.

You can see in the pic that the keyboard is big. The 6750 also has a 2.0 megapixel camera that has digital zoom and video capabilities. Other features of the 6750 are that it comes loaded with Nokia’s Ovi Share (a free media sharing community), external music keys, MP3 player, GPS, Speakerphone, 2.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth and a can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card.

We’ll have a review up shortly, more here at Rogers

  • Seungheon Lee

    Looks like the old KRZR.
    Damn $99 for this? Who’d get a phone like this for $99…

  • murano

    Again 32gb of expandable memory it well worth the $99

  • Ace

    $99 is actually a reasonable price for this phone. It’s stainless steel, 3G, premium feeling, and quality. You are signing up for a 3-year term. Even if you upgrade after 2-years, you are paying $4.13/month. Think before you comment Seungheon.


    i wouldnt pay $99 for this on NO CONRACT!!
    lol and it does not come with 32GB memory card “murano” lol maybe that would make it worth while.. (not on 3year tho) oh canada!

  • Koolaid drinker

    Not really understanding the big deal about contracts. I have had a cell phone for 10 yr and only switched once, and I only switched cuz at the time telus said there was no way they would get the iPhone.
    But I guess you don’t have to sign contract if you don’t want to. Go to virgin,koodo whatever.

    Here is how I see it, I use my phone at least 100 times a days that is on the phone, emails , text , check the time date…… Everything. So if you compare the cost of you phone to say……you new blue Ray what 250 and you may use It 3,4..maybe 10 times month. I have issue paying whatever for the phone it’s self.

    Is it Just me?

  • PJ

    imo, a blackberry flip for $10 (..or is it free now?…) on a 3-year would kick this things arse…
    I guess the BB flip isn’t the highest quality piece, but chances are you will want to upgrade in a year or two anyway and either phone should easily last that long – but the BB is unquestionably a more capable phone.. plus its $100 cheaper… ha

  • logic

    PJ, but think about the extra money you are paying per month with a BB compared to this “dumbphone”

    they can sell the bb for less upfront cause they are making waaaaay more back in the end cause of your monthly bill…