Google could be preparing to reveal the Nest Wifi Pro 2

Wi-Fi 7 support will likely be the mesh router's marquee feature

Nest Wifi Pro

Despite being revealed only a little over a year ago in October 2022, Google could be preparing to show off a successor to its original Nest Wifi Pro.

First, 9to5Google uncovered references to a 2nd-Gen version of Google’s ‘Pro’ Nest Wifi router within the Android version of the Home app. Android Police then followed up this report with a reader tip that designs related to the Nest Wifi Pro 2 popped up on Google’s Material Symbols icon page.

Early last year, an AirTag-like design related to a Bluetooth tracker appeared on the page, but Google still hasn’t officially revealed the device (the Bluetooth tracker has since been removed from the page). This means we’ve seen Google products appear on the Material Symbols icon page before and not get released, so accidentally leaked iconography tied to a potential Nest Wifi Pro 2 might mean nothing in the long run. Android Police also mentions it uncovered the model numbers ‘GS4VD’ and ‘BRZA’ tied to the Nest Wifi Pro within the Google Home app.

It’s unclear what exactly Google might add to the new version of its higher-end mesh router, but we’ll likely see it get Wi-Fi 7 support and possibly a slightly revamped design (the current Nest Wifi Pro supports up to Wi-Fi 6e). There’s a possibility Google might not have revealed the Nest Wifi Pro 2 alongside the Pixel 8/Pixel 8 Pro earlier this year because it wanted to wait for Wi-Fi 7-enabled devices to become more common.

I’ve been using three Nest Wifi Pro routers for several months now, and in my experience, they offer a pretty reliable mesh router system, though I need to reset them occasionally to maintain the internet speed I’m paying for.

It’s unclear when Google might reveal the Nest Wifi Pro.

Source: 9to5Google, Android Police