Telus adds online eSIM management tool

Telus charges $15 for an eSIM voucher

Telus logo

Telus has joined Rogers in offering an online tool for customers to manage their eSIMs.

The Vancouver-based national carrier offers the tool through its website under the ‘Manage your SIM’ section. The tool lets people transfer their number to a new physical SIM or an eSIM (via a purchasable voucher with a QR code), transfer their number to a new Apple device, convert a physical SIM to an eSIM, or replace an eSIM that was accidentally deleted.

Telus confirmed to MobileSyrup that the new tool rolled out on November 7th and is only available for Telus customers “at this time.”

Further, the carrier confirmed that both Telus and Koodo customers with Android devices need to purchase an eSIM voucher to convert a physical SIM to an eSIM. Customers with iPhones, however, can use the eSIM Quick Transfer tool (available on iOS 16.4 and up) to move from a physical SIM to an eSIM without purchasing a voucher.

iPhone in Canada first spotted Telus’ eSIM tool.

Over the last year or so, Canadian carriers have slowly started improving the eSIM situation. Telus and Koodo added support for the iPhone’s eSIM Quick Transfer feature earlier this year, while Rogers and Fido recently launched an online eSIM management tool.

Unfortunately, Canada is still a way out from fully realizing the potential of eSIMs. Helpful eSIM management tools that would allow customers to bypass janky carrier systems, like the one Google added to Android 14, aren’t available in Canada. Meanwhile, carriers insist on using eSIM vouchers so they can keep charging customers for something that should have been free long ago.

Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before Canadians can freely manage their eSIM and switch carriers right from their phone.