The CRTC now requires streaming services making $10 million annually to share operational details

Social media services and subscription TV services fall under the streaming services category

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has published its first decisions on the Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11).

The act, which received Royal Assent earlier this year, will subject streaming services to rules under Canada’s broadcasting framework. The sector largely went ungoverned before Ottawa passed the bill.

The commission is mandating streaming services that make $10 million or more annually and operate in Canada to register and provide details of their activities.

Social media services, subscription TV services available online, radio stations that live stream online, podcasts, and services that allow users to stream or download content need to register by the November 28th deadline.

Social media users and those who upload content on such platforms are not subject to the act and don’t need to register. Registration also doesn’t apply to platforms offering only video game services or audiobooks.

These online streaming services are also required to share information on content and subscribership with the CRTC. The companies behind the services must now also ensure that the content they make available isn’t “tied to a specific mobile or internet service.”

The two decisions are based on consultations the CRTC held earlier this year. A third consultation focusing on how much Indigenous and Canadian content streaming services need to support is ongoing.

Source: CRTC