Xbox adds new Shift colour controller options to Design Lab

Xbox Shift controllers

Xbox’s ‘Shift’ family of colour-changing controllers is now available through the Design Lab personalized gamepad service.

Launched in 2021, the Shift controllers change colour depending on light and motion. The unique shimmer and swirl designs come in Aqua (blue), Lunar (silver-gold), Stellar (blue-purple) and, as a new option to coincide with the Design Lab expansion, Cosmic (white-pink).

Xbox Cosmic Shift controller

The Cosmic Shift controller.

Cosmic Shift will be exclusive to Design Lab as a $12.99 add-on, while the other three options can be purchased separately for $79.99.

In Canada, Design Lab controllers start at $84.99 and allow you to choose from a variety of colours and pay extra for rubberized grips, metallic D-pads and bumpers, engravings and more.

Source: Xbox