Find My Device update might let you find your Pixel offline

A deep dive into the Android 14 QPR1 Beta found details about changes to Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device service seems to be getting an update.

Mishaal Rahman, via Android Authority, has dug through the Android 14 QPR1 Beta that Google recently released.

According to Rahman, the beta includes code that says, “you can locate this phone with Find My Device even when powered off.” This matches previous information leaked, which revealed that you’ll be able to find your Pixel with the ‘Finder Network.’ The Finder Network referenced is the unreleased Find My Device network, which the Mountain View company is working on.

The network could ping other nearby devices via Bluetooth and report the general location of your offline device. This is similar to how Apple’s Find My network works.

It’s unclear when this feature will launch and whether it’ll be available only on the Pixel 8. The Find My Device network isn’t up yet, so that will have to go live first.

Source: Android Authority