Telus launches 3 Gigabit internet in Western Canada with Wi-Fi 6 router

The PureFibre X 3 Gigabit internet plan starts from $115 per month on a two-year plan if you're a Telus or Koodo mobility customer

Telus is bringing its fast 3 gigabit fibre internet to customers in Western Canada, specifically Alberta and British Columbia.

The plan has symmetrical 3 gigabit upload and download speeds, and comes with Wi-Fi 6 hardware, allowing several devices to be connected to the internet at once without causing bottlenecks.

Telus says its 3-gigabit plan is perfect for gaming, surfing the web, video calling, working and learning from home, and streaming 4K content. Further, according to the company, its PureFibre network has been recognized as the unrivaled Fastest Internet Service Provider in Canada for the fourth-year in a row by PCMag, and the Best Internet Service Provider in Alberta and B.C.

It’s worth noting, however, that Bell already offers 3 gigabit and 8 gigabit plans in different parts of Canada.

Telus’ PureFibre network also offers significant sustainability benefits. According to the company, fibre optic technology uses less energy to transmit data compared to traditional copper-based networks, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The PureFibre X 3 Gigabit Internet plan starts from $115 per month on a two-year plan if you’re a Telus or Koodo mobility customer. If not, it starts at $125 per month on a two-year plan. For more information on the plan, click here.

Image credit: Telus

Source: Telus