Don’t transfer data to your iPhone 15 without updating to iOS 17.0.2 first

Transferring data from an older iPhone could fail if you don't update first

iPhone 15 Plus

If you bought or plan to buy a new iPhone 15 series device, make sure it’s running iOS 17.0.2 before transferring data from another iPhone (via MacRumors).

According to Apple, this update fixes an issue that was sometimes causing issues with transferring data to an iPhone 15 during the setup process. iOS 17.0.2 is only available for the iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The update should automatically appear when you’re setting up Apple’s latest smartphone (this is how it worked for me), but if for some reason it doesn’t, head to ‘Settings,’ ‘General’ and ‘Software Update’ after setting up the iPhone 15 as a new device (you can then transfer data from your old phone after).

If you’re unlucky enough to have encountered this problem and you’re iPhone 15 is stuck on the dreaded Apple logo, Apple recently published a new support document with troubleshooting steps that involve connecting the smartphone to your computer and restoring it through iTunes.

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Update 04/10/2023: This issue also affects the iPhone 14 Pro. A reader reached out to let us know that they attempted to transfer data from an iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro, and it failed. The only way to get the transfer to work was to update to iOS 17.0.2 first.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors