Threads might soon be getting an edit button

The feature would seemingly give you a five-minute to make any changes to a post

Meta might soon roll out an edit button for its Threads app.

On X, the app formerly known as Twitter, developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot of the Threads app featuring a user’s different options for a post. In addition to “who can reply,” “hide like count” and “delete,” an “edit” button is listed.

Interestingly, a timer is beside it, mentioning 4:40, and Paluzzi says this is to denote a five-minute window in which you’d be able to edit.

This is a much narrower period than the one-hour X allows. However, there’s no indication that Meta plans to lock the feature behind a paywall, unlike X, where editing is only available to those subscribed to the $10+/month X Premium.

It remains to be seen when an edit button may ultimately be released on Threads, but it lines up with a previous comment from Instagram boss Adam Mosseri. In July, he said “obvious” features like an edit button were in the works.

In general, though, interest in Threads has seemingly been waning since its massive launch at the start of July. By the end of that month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had revealed more than half of the service’s then-100 million strong userbase had dropped the app.

Initially, people were interested in Threads due to it being a major competitor to Elon Musk’s volatile X. However, Meta was slow to add quality-of-life improvements, like a dedicated ‘Following’ tab and web version, and many have since moved on.

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) Via: The Verge