Air Canada releases statement after brief cyber attack

Air Canada says no customer information was accessed during the breach

Air Canada appears to have been the victim of a cyber attack after the company released a statement regarding the incident on September 21st.

According to the statement, an authorized group gained what the company describes as “limited” access to an internal Air Canada system. The system was related to the personal information of both staff and select company records.

Thankfully, the airline confirmed that flight operation and customer-facing systems were unaffected, and no customer information was accessed.

Air Canada says they have contacted the affected parties whose information had been breached as well as the authorities.

Further, the company ensures that all its systems are fully operational and that additional preventative measures have been taken with the help of “leading global cyber security experts” to prevent such breaches in the future.

The airline says they have no further public comment on the matter at this time.

Back in April, an Aeroplan hack caused two Ontarians to lose years’ worth of loyalty points. Air Canada said that weak passwords are partially at fault for the breaches.

Air Canada’s full statement can be found here.

Image credit: Air Canada

Source: Air Canada