9 inches of Mario Lego Piranha Plant coming in November

Move over, Venom

Lego Mario Piranha Plant

For years, Lego and Nintendo have been releasing a variety of Super Mario-themed sets.

Now, one of the most iconic enemies of the long-running video game platformer series, the Piranha Plant, is getting a set all for itself.

Lego Piranha PlantThe 540-piece, 23-centimetre-tall (9 inches) set features the potted plant in all of its toothy glory, and you’ll also be able to move the head, mouth, stalk and leaves for different poses. Two classic Mario coins are also included. As a nice touch, the set even has you start building from the bottom up to give the illusion of the plant growing out of the pipe.

In Canada, the set will cost $79.99 and be released on November 6th. Overall, it’s a neat set that also offers a more affordable Lego Mario display, given that many of the sets are $100 or more. Earlier this year, Lego also introduced Donkey Kong-themed sets to coincide with the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. 

Image credit: Lego