Apple’s USB-C to Lightning adapter costs $39

Maintaining compatibility with your old Lightning gear will have an egregious cost

Long-time iPhone users making the jump to one of the new USB-C-equipped iPhone 15 models will need to fork out almost $40 if they want to keep using their old Lightning accessories.

Apple updated its online store shortly after its Wonderlust event on September 12th. The updated site features the new devices and accessories to go with them, including a USB-C to Lightning adapter to maintain compatibility between new iPhones and old Lightning gear.

In Canada, that adapter costs $39.

The cable is braided, which Apple said will help with durability. That still doesn’t justify the price.

Frustratingly, the new iPhone 15 models don’t include an adapter in the box, further leaving long-time iPhone users in a lurch.

You can check out the adapter here.