Rogers countersues former CEO Joe Natale, seeks $15 million severance repayment

Natale launched a $24 million lawsuit against the company last month

Rogers has launched a countersuit against its former CEO, Joe Natale.

The telecom giant argues Natale should return $15 million in severance pay, alleging he made “unlawful” amendments to his employment terms.

“He must now answer for his conduct and the harm he caused to the company. And he must repay the significant severance he has already received beyond what he is entitled to under a with-cause termination,” the statement of claim reads.

The claim is in response to Natale’s $24 million lawsuit for alleged wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, and other damages.

He further alleged Edward Rogers, the company’s chairman, and his wife, Suzanne Rogers, attempted to “tarnish his reputation,” in part, by having Brian Cox, who plays the family patriarch in Succession, create a “demeaning” video.

Natale lost the top job at the company in 2021 and was replaced by the company’s current CEO, Tony Staffieri, following a public dispute between the Rogers family and the company’s board.

In its filing, Rogers alleges Natale made changes to his employment terms without the authority to do so during the controversy to allegedly receive the same pay, regardless of how he was terminated.

Natale also allegedly made “generous” changes to the employment agreements of several subordinates who assisted with the change in his payment agreement.

“Natale made these changes to encourage their support for his threat that the executive team would resign if he was terminated as CEO,” the claim states.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

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