Succession lead Brian Cox sends congratulatory Cameo to Edward Rogers on electing preferred CEO

The Rogers boardroom drama has often been compared to the hit HBO series

Warning: the article contains language some may find offensive.

Fans of Succession got to see a live-action version of the TV series when the Rogers board room drama started to make headlines last year.

The show focuses on a bickering family fighting for control over the family media empire — outlining many of the markings that made up the drama at Rogers.

The two worlds collided once again when a Cameo recording directed towards Rogers board chair, Edward Rogers, recently surfaced.

As first obtained and reported on by The Globe and Mail, Brian Cox, who plays the family patriarch in the fictional series, congratulated Edward Rogers for having his pick of CEO.

“Congratulations on your real-life succession at Rogers Communications. And also having Joe Natale to fuck the fuck off. Well done Edward. Congratulations,” Cox said during the 19-second video, ending it with a thumbs up.

The video is referring to Edward Rogers’ push to replace former CEO Joe Natale with his pick Tony Staffieri. His first attempt in September was unsuccessful.

The move led to pushback from a handful of board members, who Edward Rogers tried to replace without taking part in a shareholders meeting. This lead the company to challenge Edward Rogers on the legality of his actions, but a B.C. judge ruled the move was admissable.

Staffieri was eventually elected as interim CEO, ousting Natale. He was announced as the permanent president and CEO on January 11th.

Cox starts the video by saying “this is from Suzanne,” apparently referencing the chair’s wife, Suzanne Rogers.

Cameo is a website that allows people to purchase personalized messages from celebrities. According to the website, Cox charges $868 USD (roughly $1086 CAD) per video.

A spokesperson for Edward Rogers told The Globe and Mail the video was shared “as a practical joke.”

Image source: Cameo/The Globe and Mail

Source: The Globe and Mail